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Marcus Alrise(Eternia)

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Marcus Alrise(Eternia)

Post by Mistdrake on Mon Apr 10, 2017 7:22 pm

Name:Marcus Alrise


Alignment:Lawful Neutral


Job Class: Red Mage

Elemental Blade-He has trained to be able to channel his magical abilities through his sword, thus allowing him to apply elemental effects to his physical attacks.
Fire-A small burst of fire that is launched from a hand and explodes in a fire ball on contact with a target.
Blizzard-A sudden flash freezing of a single target, covering them in a layer of ice.
Thunder-A single lightning bolt, called down on a single target.
Cure-A simple heal spell, capable of mending small cuts and bruises and easing the pain of some larger wounds.
History:Marcus always had an adventurous spirit, even as a child. When he was young he would frequently get in trouble for running off and getting lost in the woods, and as he aged that thirst for adventure only got stronger. When he was in his teens he finally ran from home and took up a sword and, for a few years, lived as what could best be described as a highway man. It was during this time that he met a man of the magical arts and the young Marcus begged to be taught some of the mage's ways. Though not adept, he was able to figure out a few spells and even mixed it with his sword play, now he still travels, though instead of being a high way man, now he protects other travelers.
Limit Break(Eternia Only):Elemental Fury-Through intense focus, Marcus channels all three of his elemental spells through his sword and unleashes it in a powerful and furious combo attack.
Weapons:A simple short sword forged in such a way that it can channel various elements without shattering.
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Re: Marcus Alrise(Eternia)

Post by Mari Bryn on Mon Apr 10, 2017 7:58 pm

Mari Bryn
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