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Garlin {Human} (Eternia)

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Garlin {Human} (Eternia)

Post by Mistdrake on Sat Apr 15, 2017 7:42 pm



Alignment:Lawful Evil


Job Class:Dark Knight

          Darkness-Using some of his own life energy, Garlin unleashes a wave of dark energy, damaging all that are caught by it.
          Doom-A targeted spell of death energy that causes blue orbs of flame to glow above the target and slowly fade one by one, if the curse is left unchecked, the target will die when the final flame fades. The speed at which the flames fade depends on the strength of the target.
           Drain-A spell that is channeled through his gauntlets, Garlin can drain the life energy from a target so long as he can maintain contact and concentration on them.
           Raise Dead-Garlin causes a corpse to rise and serve him until a point when the servant serves it's purpose or the body is rendered incapable of continued service.
           Black Fang-A terrifying strike that, if it hits, is almost fatal, leaving the target on the brink of death.
History:For a long time, things were mostly quiet in the land of Eternia. Then, a wave of darkness began to spread in from the south, and leading it was Garlin. He left devastation in his wake with a horde of followers consisting of a mix of the living and the dead. After the initial push into Eternia, Garlin slowed down, gaining more strength before an attempt at a possible siege of the land.
Limit Break(Eternia Only):All Consuming Darkness- By stabbing his sword into the ground, Garlin releases a massive sphere of nearly impenetrable darkness that weakens all who are caught within that are not attuned to it.
Weapons:He wields a mighty sword who's name is unspeakable.
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Re: Garlin {Human} (Eternia)

Post by Captain Jack on Sat Apr 15, 2017 8:35 pm


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