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Sabyre Mort du' Tempest {Elf} {Eternia}

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Sabyre Mort du' Tempest {Elf} {Eternia}

Post by Dusk Aerilius on Sun Apr 16, 2017 11:33 pm

Name: Sabyre Mort du' Tempest
Age: appears mid 20's
Alignment: CE
Race: Elf
Skin color: Very pale
Facial Characteristics: Very androgynous. Defined nose, eyes, and eyebrows.
Other Characteristics: 5'9", very lean. Wears very little armor, preferring extremely well-made and fitted clothes with capes and silver jewelry.

 *Very agile: Can move with exceptional speed and grace.
 *Sword Mastery: Handles longsword with expertise, as a perfect extension of the body. Almost appears to dance in battle.
 *Acrobatic: Can leap very high and tumble with precision, and jump from prone back to his feet.
 *Charismatic: Attractive and always dresses well. Despite his chaotic, bloodthirsty nature, he typically acts very chivalrous to his opponent.
 *Keen Senses: Can hear, smell, and see things many might miss.

 *Smug to the point of narcissistic.
 *Enjoys toying with his foe. He likes to prove himself the better fighter and beat his opponent down before finishing them.
 *Does not abide not looking his best. Will flee from battle if he needs to change or clean before returning to finish.
 *Has terrible inner demons from years of torture. Although typically calm, he is untrustworthy and can snap at any moment, turning into a bloodthirsty monster.

Temperment: Calm, while smug exterior. Cruel bloodthirsty interior.

Job Class: Sword Saint
Traits: Extremely deadly, precise, and quick with his longsword. Moves throughout the battlefield in what almost appears as a dance, and empowering his own combat by letting his mind slip away.

 *Sword Arm: His favored longsword always appears in his hand right when he needs it, disappearing when he doesn't.
 *Demonic Rage: By allowing his mind to slip into chaos, his attacks become quicker and deadlier, at times possibly even mistaking friend from foe.
 *Paling of Darkness: When in the presence of dark energy, or when struck with a Dark aspected ability, his magical and physical defense increases.

 *Twilight Knife: A small dagger formed of dark magic floats above Sabyre, attacking those who would try to stab him in the back.
 *Mirror Image: Creates a single perfect copy of Sabyre. Appears to attack alongside him, but can't actually harm anything.
 *Saber: Increases own attack power.
 *Scourge: Inflicts heavy damage and Sap
 *Bio: Poisons the enemy.


History: Once a student of a popular elven sword-master, Sabyre quickly became a very gifted warrior, preferring the longsword to the more traditional light and curved elven blades. Upon finishing his training and becoming the greatest swordsman in his village, his master gifted to him a longsword. It was curved, but only slightly, crafted from a dark metal that shined, and had a ruby set in the hilt. It suited him perfectly, and he instantly noticed a sharp change in his fighting. He left his village to travel to another place his master had told him of, where he hoped to find a man more suited to training him. In his travels, he was attacked by a group in black robes, who quickly overtook him with dark magic, and woke up in a cell. For the first 15 years, they simply tortured him, whipping him, starving him to the point of death before giving him old food to live, and practicing their magic on him, healing him only enough to keep him from dying. After the 15 years passed, their leader, a man in heavy black armor spoke with him. He told him that his name was Saul, and that his master was not the man he thought he was, and returned Sabyre's sword to him. If he wanted to leave his prison and torture, he was going to have to fight his way out. He was weak after the years of imprisonment, and didn't stand a chance against even one of his captors. He was returned to his cell and the same process went on for the next year. He eventually returned to his former strength, but something had changed, and when he finally cut down one of the captors, he felt a rush he never had before. Saul laughed and cheered him on, telling him to use his newfound darkness, and Sabyre continued to cut down 7 more foes before Saul stepped in. He told him that he would teach him a new way of fighting, using his natural speed and finesse, accompanied with a more primal chaos that only the years of torture he endured could give him. Sabyre never hesitated to learn, quickly becoming a twisted version of his former self. With his training coming to a completion, Saul challenged him to a final duel, but was met with a calm and collected Sabyre. He bowed to Saul, materialized his sword into his hand, and they began to fight. They were fairly evenly matched in swordplay, with neither gaining any real advantage over the other, until Saul noticed Sabyre's movements becoming more fluid and quick, and was becoming overtaken. Sabyre was a flurry with the blade and with his newfound power, quickly brought the fight to a close. He left Saul in his armor, and took nothing when he left. He vowed only to return to his home to slay his master (which he very easily did), and lend his sword arm to anyone he deemed suitable.

Limit Break: ~Demonic Dance~: Sabyre's skin hardens into the same metal as his own sword and his speed becomes blinding. His weapon gains a darkness element.

Dusk Aerilius
Dusk Aerilius

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Re: Sabyre Mort du' Tempest {Elf} {Eternia}

Post by Captain Jack on Mon Apr 17, 2017 8:03 am


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