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Zion Maxwell {Viera} {Eternia}

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Zion Maxwell {Viera} {Eternia}

Post by Magnus Caine on Sun Apr 16, 2017 12:59 pm

Name: Zion Maxwell

Age: 21 (In relative human years anyway)

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Race: Viera

Race Creation: (If applicable)
-Name of Race: Viera

-Skin color: Brownish-Tan

-Facial Characteristics: Clean of any facial hair, very handsome and soft, almost feminine features.

-Other Characteristics: White hair, and tall white rabbit ears

-Strengths:  (can breath fire, electrical touch, flying ect) Limit 5 please
- One With Nature - Due to their cohabitation with the forests, Viera are very in tune with it. While in forests, Viera can rarely become lost, even by supernatural means, and they never want for food or drink, supping on nature's bounty.
- Animal Traits - Being very rabbit like, and having large ears, their hearing is very astute.
- One with the Beast - When dealing with regular animals, not magical beasts, a Viera can easily assert dominance and convey simple messages (Sometimes doesn't work well with larger predators)
- Powerful Legs - Again with the rabbit comparison, they have very strong legs, which allow them to run quickly, jump farther, and kick harder than most things their size.

-Weaknesses: *Required
- Wary, almost frightful around female Viera. Though, not as dominated as his gria companion, the female viera are very much in charge of the normal lives of their people, to the point of keeping the males sequestered away from the world.
- Womanizer, finding that attentions of women were pleasing to him (So long as you aren't Viera), Zion, much like his partner in crime Solomon, has found that he does almost more skirt chasing than actual adventuring.
- Rivaly with Solomon. Like a pair of brothers, always vowing to out do each other, it sometimes causes both of them to put themselves in interesting, and sometimes dangerous, situations. However it is a friendly rivaly, and Zion with do anything he can to help his best friend. Risking life and limb to assist him in acquiring more Eidolons. (Plus, it is really hilarious to watch a Gria get their ass beat by a tiny blue.... rabbit, dog thing.)
- Very Susceptible to Mist and the influences thereof.

-Temperment: (ie. war like, peaceful) Fun loving to the excess. Life is to be enjoyed, though, not to the point where he wants to impose the enjoyment on other. Honestly, he only cares if Solomon and Himself are having a good time, everyone else... can sod off.

-History: Zion was born in a Viera forest, on the outskirts of a small farming village. As soon as he was able to removed from his mother, he was sequestered, with the other males, until they were needed. Being a restless youth, more so than even the others, he refused to listen to the warnings and wisdom that the elder males tried to teach him. He didn't learn to hunt, nor did he care to abide by the traditions of his tribe and people. Sneaking into the farming village when he was a young man (Equivalent age of 14), Zion met Becky, a farmers daughter. She was so taken by this dashing rogue, with his accent and his exotic features, that they were soon in a very physical relationship, of the best kind. Both his father and Becky's father found out, and a small feud broke out between the Village and the Viera. Zion was placed under lock and key for several months, until things seemed to have smoothed over. Not willing to take this sitting down, Zion fashioned a plan to escape. Using a trick he picked up from a stranger on another one of his escapades, he breathed on the guard outside his cell. Noxious fumes poured from his mouth, rendering the guard into a catatonic state. Nicking the keys, Zion escaped his cell, threw a remedy at the idiot on the ground, and fled to the farming village as fast as his legs would take him. Jumping into the back of a traveling hay cart, Zion left everything he had known behind, to find his own way in the world, very very far away. In his travels he met a male gria named Solomon, and they became fast friends/rivals. Both were males from matriarchal societies, who had run away from home. During their adventures, Zion learned many things from different teachers: 'Fine Dining' from a Qu, Monster Analysis from a hume, Swordsmanship from an Elvaan, Monster Emulation from a Nu Mou Morpher, and he even picked up a couple of tricks of his own.

-Other: (optional)
Job Class: Blue Mage Savant

Job Class Creation: (if Applicable)
-Name of Job Class:Blue Mage Savant
-Traits:(what makes this class unique.) A Blue Mage Savant differs from a regular blue mage in the fact that he has been taught by all kinds. He knows how to learn about beasts by watching, getting hit by, and devouring the creatures, giving him a wider vein of possibilities than most others.

-Skills: Create Five Specific to your class.
- Blue Magery - The ability to learn and then use abilities from monsters
- Swordsmanship - The scimitar is the classic weapon of the Blue Mages, (though some prefer a battle fork) and, as such, Zion is a skilled swordsman, though mostly briefly instructed and then self-improved.
- Gourmand - Due to his training by a Qu, a Blue Mage Savant can consume almost anything for nutritional value relatively easily. This does not make a sock taste any better, it just means they won't ever starve. (Though, it probably tastes better to him than it does to anyone else) This does almost make them immune to ingested poisons.
- Advanced Blue Magic - With their unique training, Blue Mage Savants can learn abilities that many other blue mages cannot.
- Think like a beast - With their closeness and knowledge of magical beasts and other creatures, Blue Mage Savant's are like walking monster encyclopedias. They know the weaknesses and habits of most regular monsters, and can typically find out the weaknesses and habits of all other, through a simple act of observation.

- All the listed above in the Class and Race section
- Bad Breath
- White Wind
- Mighty Guard
- Frog Song
- Magic Hammer

(Regardless of his training, he is still a relatively inexperienced blue mage, so his spell list is rather small)


Limit Break(Eternia Only): Ultima - The ultimate spell. It wrecks devastation in a wide area. Learned by Zion in a manner that still causes him to have nightmares from time to time. His Hume master is no longer in the land of the living, beyond saving with magic and curatives. Demons are not to be trifled with lightly.

Weapons: An azure scimitar (it used to belong to his hume master, crafted out of metal that synchronizes with blue magic), his dashing good looks, razor wit, and twisted since of humor

'Rusty!?! I am Sir Adelbert Steiner of Alexandria!'
―Steiner, Final Fantasy IX
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Re: Zion Maxwell {Viera} {Eternia}

Post by Captain Jack on Sun Apr 16, 2017 2:28 pm


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