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Einthor Brunosson {Nu Mou} {Eternia}

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Einthor Brunosson {Nu Mou} {Eternia}

Post by Mistdrake on Wed Apr 19, 2017 9:44 am

Name:Einthor Brunosson
Age:87(roughly equivalent to his early 40s)
Alignment: Lawful good
Race:Nu Mou

Job Class:Scholar

    Force-A spell that can grant a target increased resilience to any sort of negative condition that could befall them, such as poison or paralysis, for a short time.
    Undo-Reverses the effects of the last spell cast on a target or a small area, cannot revive a victim if a spell caused their deaths but can heal wounds and cure statuses.
    Bio-A small cloud of poisonous gas covers a small area, damaging and potentially poisoning anyone caught in it.
    Sporadic Cast-In a moment of absent minded spell casting, one target is granted one random buff to their abilities.
    Spellbound-Through years of research, Einthor has been able to hone his abilities to ensure that all buffs and debuffs he may cast, or be inflicted with, last longer than normal.
    Blind-A fairly simple spell that temporarily blinds a target
    Shell-A magical coating surrounds a target, raising their ability to resist damage from magical attacks.

History:Some say that Einthor was reading from his birth. For as long as anyone can recall, he has had a large dusty tome in hand and has been slowly reading through it, pouring over every single page to get as much detail as possible. As the years went by, he went on to collect a massive library and, despite always seeming to be working through a book, seems to have knowledge of the contents of every single one of them. Despite this, his thirst for new knowledge continues and he's always looking for more tomes, even though he will move slowly to get there.

Limit Break(Eternia Only): Draconic Tome-Unleashing the power of some of his most ancient texts, Einthor inflicts damage of one of the three major elements on everyone in the area around him, friend or foe.

Weapons:His knowledge and his tomes.
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Re: Einthor Brunosson {Nu Mou} {Eternia}

Post by Captain Jack on Wed Apr 19, 2017 9:48 am

Added title, APPROVED

Believe that any thing you Imagine. You can make it Real

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