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Job Class Rewrites-Psychic Knight

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Job Class Rewrites-Psychic Knight

Post by Mari Bryn on Thu Jul 01, 2010 11:03 am

Job Class: Psychic Knight

Description: They are talented in warfare of the
mind. And can manipulate the things around them
with just a single thought. As all knights they
are also master swordsmen

Weapons Specialty: Swords-1 and 2 handed, can
also Use Shields and wear Heavy Armour.

Basic Skills:

Psychic Set 1 Thrust
The power to control the movement of Physics its
self. Use Momentum to push your enemies.

Psychic Set 2 Hover
The ability to hover in midair.

Physical Set 1 Inherent Defense
Through years or training the body has mastered
defense to where without thinking the fighter can
deflect almost any attack regardless of the speed
of the attacker.

Physical Set 2 Invisible Blade
For a period of time the swordsman, regardless of
race, can perform acrobatic sword maneuvers that
are to fast to be seen.

Secondary Skills:

Psychic Set 3 Mind read
The Ability to read minds. Though some are
trained to prevent mental intruders. Most enemies
are susceptible to Mind Read

Psychic Set 4 Gravity Sink
The Power to control Gravity. Cause your
opponents to slow in movement and sometimes stop

Physical Set 3 Strengthened Blade
For a span of time the knights own energy infuses
the sword making it nearly indestructive, in this
state the blade can shear through metal and
withstand the attack of even the strongest blade.

Physical Set 4 Resistance
The knights body becomes resistant to physical
attacks for a brief span of time and their
attacks become more damaging to the enemies.

Ultimate Skills:

Ultimate Psychic Mind Control
Force your Enemies to do your bidding, turn the
goblin horde against their own master and have
them do your fightihgn for you. Stronger
opponents and player characters can fight you for

Ultimate Physical Ancient Warrior
The knight is infused with the memories and
skills of his ancestors, making him an unmatched
fighter. Things once impossible for the knight
now become mere childsplay with the force of
ancients within him.

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Mari Bryn

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