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Job Class Rewrites- Mage

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Job Class Rewrites- Mage

Post by Mari Bryn on Thu Jul 01, 2010 2:06 pm

Job Class: Mage

Description: As a mage you can embrace the world of Magic like no other. Using the elements as your playthings you use magic attack and Defense. Physically weak but mentally Strong.

Weapons Specialty: Staff of Wand, No sheilds Light Armour

Basic Skills:
Element Set 1 Water/Air
Water Whip-Control The water around around you to form a fearsome whip to scourge your enemies
Sheild-Compress the Air around you to form a nigh impenetrable shield.

Element Set 2 Earth/Fire
Earthquake-Cause the ground itself to tremble under your mighty power upsetting your enemies and changin the land around you.
Fire Scathe- Send a blast of Fire out from you pushing back and burning your foes

Element Set 3 Light/Dark
Heal- Heal the wounds of yourself and others with the light energies of the world
Blind- Blind your opponent confusing their senses and allowign you to attack, or escape unseen.

Mental Set 1 Meditation
Heighten your senses, heal your wounds, and refresh your body in a very short time with the cleansing power of Meditation.

Secondary Skills:
Element Set 4 Water/Air
Tsunami- Combine the forces of water and Air to buffet your enemies with wind and rain cutting their visibility, movement and endurance.

Element Set 5 earth/Fire
Eruption- Send Flaming balls of molten earth down upon your Enemies heads crushing and or burning them in little time.

Element Set 6 Light/Dark
Shadow Cage, Contain your enemies in a cage of light and dark, by manipulating the elements you can even shrink the cage to crush your enemies, blind them with light or blind them with dark. It's all in your hands.

Mental Set 2 Resistance
Resist all psycic attack and avoid more physical and range attacks with this boost to your cognitive skills. This is a passive skill which also makes all your other skills stronger.

Ultimate Skills:

Ultimate Element Armegeddon
Combine the elements to bring about the storm of ultimate Distruction, fire dances with the wind and the rain and the earth rises up to crush your opponents. You alone control this Armegeddon storm.

Ultimate Mental Control
Your skill has grown vast, using your knowledge of the mind and elements you can turn your enemies into puppets to do with as you will.

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