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Job Class Rewrites- Gunner

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Job Class Rewrites- Gunner

Post by Mari Bryn on Thu Jul 01, 2010 1:11 pm

Job Class: Gunner

Description: The Gunners are the technological fighters. With their bullets and black powder their weapons are some of the newest on the scene.

Weapons Specialty: Guns, crossbows, no sheilds, Light to medium armour.

Basic Skills:

Gunner Skill 1 Duel Weild
It's like they say two is better than one, you've gotta own two guns first but when you do you've got twice the shots of the other guy.
Gunner Skill 2 Acrobat
You spend your life with speeding bullets so dodging one for you isn't that hard, neither is doing a one hand back hand spring while fireing at an enemy. You're an Acrobat baby!

Ranged Skill 1 Scatter Shot
Release Multiple shots at once to turn your enemies into swiss cheese.

Ranged Skill 2 Sharp Shooter
Increased accuracy for a single shot. Perfect for assasinating a politician or taking down that pesky fly.

Secondary Skills:

Gunner Skill 3 Cannon Blast
How you fit a bullet of that calliber in that gun I'll never know but now you can bombard your enemies with large bullets like cannon, just lookout for that kickback

Gunner Skill 4 Autofire
You've been messing with the tech again haven't you? Well congrats you've now got a semi-automatic to pepper the enemy with.

Ranged Skill 3 Powerful Distances
Impale and enemy 100 meters away as if he were right next to you, the force behind these shots can reach far or anhialate near.
Ranged Skill 4 Rapid Reload
Never worry about running out of shots again, your supplies will always be full, almost as if by magic.

Ultimate Skills:

Ultimate Gunner Man-chine
This attack is out of this world, you fuse with your gun able to fire with a thought and even control exactly where the bullet goes. Some weird science is going on here.

Ultimate Ranged Rain of Terror
A single shot straight into the air burts into thousands of shots raining down to hit your enemies spot on while avoiding your allies and innocents, how the heck do you do it?

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Mari Bryn

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