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Job Class Rewrites- Archers

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Job Class Rewrites- Archers

Post by Mari Bryn on Thu Jul 01, 2010 12:33 pm

Job Class: Archer

Description: Archers are your Distance fighters,
sniping you before you even know they're there,
up close though they can be just as deadly with
the force and speed they have behind their

Weapons Specialty: Bows, Long Bows, Crossbows. Shields not suggested light to medium armour

Basic Skills:

Archer Skill 1 Agility
Climbing Trees, dodging attacks, shooting arrows
at blinding speeds, archers can acheive the
agility to do it

Archer Skill 2 Shadow of Nature
Archers can blend into the shadows of the nature
around them the unsuspecting prey could walk
nearly on top of them withut noticing a thing.
Perfect for waiting for the perfect shot.
Ranged Skill 1 Scatter Shot
Release Multiple shots at once to turn your
enemies into swiss cheese.

Ranged Skill 2 Sharp Shooter
Increased accuracy for a single shot. Perfect
for assassinating a politician or taking down that
pesky fly.

Secondary Skills:

Archer Skill 3 Physics minded
Physics minded archers use the world around them
to perform astounding trick shots, whether it's
ricocheting an arrow of the wall to strike
someone in the back, or using a curved trajectory
to de-skirt a fair maided the physics minded
archer can do it.

Archer skill 4 Elemental Arrows
Fire Arrows to burn, Water Arrows to extinguish,
earth arrows to crush, Air arrows to fly far and
true, Light arrows to illuminate, dark arrows to
blind. You can have them all

Ranged Skill 3 Powerful Distances
Impale and enemy 100 meters away as if he were
right next to you, the force behind these shots
can reach far or anhialate near.

Ranged Skill 4 Rapid Reload
Never worry about running out of shots again,
your supplies will always be full, almost as if
by magic.

Ultimat Skills:

Ultimate Archer Flight of Fate
With a single arrow you decide the fate of the
fallen, you can save their life, send them to
paradise or banish them to hell.

Ultimate Ranged Rain of Terror
A single shot straight into the air burts into
thousands of shots raining down to hit your
enemies spot on while avoiding your allies and
innocents, how the heck do you do it?

Lovely sig, made by Jack <3
Mari Bryn

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