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Job Class Rewrites- Ninja

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Job Class Rewrites- Ninja

Post by Mari Bryn on Thu Jul 01, 2010 2:34 pm

Job Class: Ninja

Description: The elusive shadow stalkers of the east. Ninjas are stealth personified.

Weapons Specialty: Sword 1 handed specifically katana, shuriken and throwing star. No sheild, light armour

Basic Skills:
Stealth Set 1 Flash step
A single step, quicker thatn light can take you behind an enemy in a heart beat, maybe their last one.

Stealth Set 2 Wall Climber
Scale up to a 20 foot wall with out a sound, perch in the rafters, balance on a pole, with your balance speed and paitentce you can get almost anywhere quickly and quitely.

Combat Set 1 Shooting Star
Use the perfectly balanced ranged attack of a ninja with ease and accuracy. Hit a target up to twenty feet away spot on.
Combat Set 2 Blade Master
The dance of the swords takes years of practice and dedication to master, you are at one with your sword and can use it to attack and defend with ease.

Secondary Skills:

Stealth Set 3 Illusionist
The authorities are looking for you while you are looking like a crippled cabbage farmer. Using easily accessible items you can look like almost anything or anyone.

Stealth Set 4 Smoke Screen
Using a special powder you can create a wall of thick smoke to blind and confuse your opponents so you can sneak attack, or sneak away.

Combat Set 3 Acrobat
Through dedication your body is now at it's top state, balance, agility and endurance are immesurable in you. You can run up walls practically fly through the air, and all that other wicked awesome kung-fu stuff
Combat Set 4 The snake
You can strike in the blink of an eye, disarming or decapitating your enemy before even the fastest Vampire would know it.
Ultimate Skills:

Ultimate Stealth Shadow Walker
You could wave your hand infront of a guards face without them noticing you once you attain the state of Shadow walker. You are compleatly at one with the world around you alowing you to embrace and blend in with the flow of life around you. You no longer need shadows or tall grass to hide you, you can hide in plain sight.
Ultimate Combat Dragon Reborn
The forces of the spirit realm embrace you as their destined child gracing you with their gifts in one mighty attack. Nigh unstoppable the dragon will reign

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Mari Bryn

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