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Job Class Rewrites-Mystic Knight

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Job Class Rewrites-Mystic Knight

Post by Mari Bryn on Thu Jul 01, 2010 10:50 am

Job Class: Mystic Knight

Description: Trained to guard high profile Mages the Mystic Knight can cast basic elemental Spells, as well as use devestating Physical attacks to protect themselves and others.

Weapons Specialty: Swords-1 and 2 handed, can also Use Shields and wear Heavy Armour.

Basic Skills:
Elemental Set 1 Air/Water
Wind Barrier-Casts a wind barrier around the caster and/or a small group of people. Slows down physical attackers reaching the area behind the barier and destroys the accuracy of any ranged attack. Does not affect attacks from Above.
Water Whip- Using local water the caster has an accurate and powerful whip with which to attack enemies.

Elemental Set 2 Earth/Fire
Fire Ring- Casts a ring of fire either for containment or protection. Burns anything that tries to pass through.
Rock Fall- Raises the earth around a target and sends it crashin back to earth like a shower of rocks.

Physical Set 1 Inherent Defense
Through years or training the body has mastered defense to where without thinking the fighter can deflect almost any attack regardless of the speed of the attacker.

Physical Set 2 Invisible Blade
For a period of time the swordsman, regardless of race, can perform acrobatic sword maneuvers that are to fast to be seen.

Secondary Skills:

Elemental Set 3 Light
Blinding Force- The caster is able to release massive ammounts of Light energy, pushing back enemies and temporarily blinding attackers.
Light arrow-A concentrated beam of light is sent forth from the casters hand to impale the enemy

Elemental Set 4 Dark
The Pit- Opens a pit of pure darkness beneath an enemy trapping them in a world with no light untill the caster decides to free them or they find a way to bust out.
Blind- Temporarily Blinds the enemy and confuses the other senses.

Physical Set 3 Strengthened Blade
For a span of time the knights own energy infuses the sword making it nearly indestructive, in this state the blade can shear through metal and withstand the attack of even the strongest blade.

Physical Set 4 Resistance
The knights body becomes resistant to physical attacks for a brief span of time and their attacks become more damaging to the enemies.

Ultimate Skills:

Ultimate Elemental Omega
Calling upon the strength of all six elements. The caster is temporarily invincible and can release devestating combined elemental attacks that few, if any can withstand.

Ultimate Physical Ancient Warrior
The knight is infused with the memories and skills of his ancestors, making him an unmatched fighter. Things once impossible for the knight now become mere childsplay with the force of ancients within him.

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