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{Ryoko Kuroshiro} Ninja {approved}

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{Ryoko Kuroshiro} Ninja {approved}

Post by Juss on Fri Jun 05, 2009 2:21 pm

Name: Ryoko Kuroshiro

Age: 57

Rank:( You know that I would love something awesome)

Appearance: He is very athletic and has muscular body, while staying average in terms of size. His hair is medium length, light gray and tends to be messy, almost always. His skin tone is somewhere near snow white, though a bit more darker. Thanks to his skin tone, haircut and overall emotions, his face looks very dark, cold and emotionless. He has a very short white beard. His eyes reflect nothing besides emptiness and that why he seems to be somewhere far away from reality. Also a scar goes diagonally over his face, starting from higher top of cheek and ending on his forehead, causing even more fear or respect among those who meet him for first time. Besides the lone scar on his face, there are dozens of battle marks on his athletic body, caused either by blades or flames.

Kido: Masters of Illusions - He is the true master of illusions. He can completely hid everything that may betray his presence, everything. Smell, sound of breathing, aura, reflection of eyes etc. Not only he is fantastic and unbeatable in terms of camouflage, but he is able to move around in shadows so well, that only a master vampire might notice him, while a alpha werewolf might not notice. He is also able to combine this power with mind manipulating and can create illusions like blurry vision etc.

Weaknesses: The weaknesses of this man are hard to be found, but they do exist. His age might be his biggest advantage yet it is the biggest disadvantage. Due to his age, his endurance is no where near where it used to be. He has mastered the way of movement and that way moves as fast as he did 20 years ago, but he won't last even for half as long. So if you manage to survive 10 minutes against him, you can say congratulations to yourself as the chance you will get killed now just got 5 times smaller.

History: Born to a family with huge legacy. For 14 generations, his family has been the leaders of a legendary, yet very secret and well hidden society, called The Black Order. From the age of 5, the grandmaster and one of the best ninjas of all times started training him. Until the age of 21, he was trained without a stop. It's interesting to know, that missions were also part of his trainings and he never failed. At the age of 22, the old grandmaster, and his grandfather, passed out. His father was promoted to the rank of grandmaster and he was sent away from Japan to China, to be trained by the best chinese ninja. During the trainings in China, which lasted for 8 years, he became to known as the Silence. His abilities to hid were far greater than any of his predecessors. He started working as a top assassin until the age of 34, when he challenged his own father. And he was successful. With a single cut at high speed, he killed his father and became the new grandmaster of the order. For 10 years, he ruled the order and changed the style of it to even more aggressive one. But one day, he gave up his position to his brother and left the order. With him, he took 10 best of the order, called Black Elite. But then the three worlds met each-other and the world changed dramatically. As a free roamer in the shadows, it was hard to avoid vampires or werewolfs, and that why within 6 years, only 2 were left from the previous 10. But in the same time, his name was made known to every single vampire and werewolf as a great danger, because non of the ones who met him face to face, ever survived. But in time, hatred against vampires and werewolfs because of his dead friends grew and Ryoko started working as a vampire/werewolf hunter. At the age of 56, he lost his best friend and the last surviving member of Black Elite went back to the Order to secure it. So the greatest ninja of all times was left alone as a wanderer and a legend, who was traced by every single young ninja to be taught by him.

I can change it all to a lot weaker version of him Very Happy But I think ninja's need a nice leader/ master/ trainer.

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Re: {Ryoko Kuroshiro} Ninja {approved}

Post by Captain Jack on Fri Jun 05, 2009 4:49 pm

*Character Approved Please Claim a Face*

Welcome Ninja Ryoko to the World

Ranks to be decided

Believe that any thing you Imagine. You can make it Real

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