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Ryoko Kuroshiro - 1 variation!

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Ryoko Kuroshiro - 1 variation!

Post by Juss on Thu Mar 19, 2009 3:48 am

The differences in different variations are in zanpaktou and in history!

Name – Ryoko Kuroshiro

Title – Former Vice-captain of zero squad/ Former captain of squad 6/ Former vice-captain of 1-st squad/ Former member of Central Court 46/ Leader of Team Alpha

Alignment – Good

Race – Shinigami - A member of 13 gotei.
Noble - Member of noble family! Noble families possess huge influence in world of shinigamis.

Gender – Male

Age – Mentally 30 (Spiritually around 600-700)

Appearance – Middle height and weight. He has quite a muscular body and medium length messy black hair. His face is very dark looking and cold. Besides that a scar goes diagonally over his face. His gaze is empty for most of the time. His eye color is dark black. His skin color is white and he has many battle marks and scars on his body.

Attire – He wears 6th squad captain outfit for most of the time even if he isn't on that position for long time by now.It is a white robe with Japanese words on it telling: 6th squad - captain. Under it is a black sweater and black jeans.

Personality – He is kind of a lone wolf. Almost no-one ever knows what he is up to and how he will react, that means he is very closed personality. He tends to be very cold and calm, all the time. Tho sometimes he makes jokes, good ones. He is strong willed ... if he ever starts something, it's almost certain that he will end it. From his personality, anyone can see, that he has grown up in battlefields and that he enjoys fighting. He doesn't do much besides fighting and reading.

First Impression – Most likely you will be afraid of him due to his cold, calm and dark look. And if that's not enough, he might release his reiatsu which will make you even more afraid of him.

Strength – His strength is very big, over the strength of a average captain. Tho, there are many who got more raw power than him.

Speed – His speed is certainly unmatched in 13 gotei. If anyone, than Yoruichi. He does attack fast but not faster than a quick captain. But his moving speed is fantastic. He might beat Yoruichi with shunpo. And that why is that he is called as good of speed or god of shunpo.

Endurance – Thanks to his strong willed personality he almost never gives up and falls down.

Reflexes – His reflexes are top notch due to his incredible moving speed.

Fighting Style – Normally he just slays his enemies without any help of his zanpaktou. In that case he relies on brute strength and his moving speed. But if his enemy is powerful enough, he will release his zanpaktou and then it gets tricky. He will fight in mist while hiding. He will reappear for only a moment and hit and then escape once again. He is very good at it. Tho if enemy is very powerful, he might just fight 1 on 1 all the time and use attacks combined with reiatsu.

Weapons – Zanpaktou Aiden
Normal form: A shining white quite long and very sharp katana. It is very light and that why can be moved very fast.
Shikai - Mist of darkness! : A thick mist covers the battleground and it gets very hard to see. Also the mist blocks most of reiatsu for everyone inside the mist. It also makes it harder to move and exhausts everyone inside it. Being too long in the mist ( For a hour or two) might even take down a vice-captain level fighter without any extra movements. Only a huge amount of reiatsu could clear some of the area.
Shikai Abilities: Mist swords - Everywhere around the enemy appear shadows reminding Ryoko. And then all the shadows will simultaneously attack the enemy. Neither of the shadows is true Ryoko and that why it doesn't hurt very much if the enemy is at least level of vice-captain. Tho it can be used perfectly as a cover to do a true attack and sometimes true Ryoko might be in the shadows as well.
Raining day: Mist changes to powerful and thick rain. It gets a bit better to see but it will completely block ones reiatsu and will exhaust everyone a lot. Standing under rain for half a hour might take down a strong vice-captain without any extra movements.
Bankai - The land of Mist: This is were it gets very tricky. Ryoko and his enemy disappear from the real world to a world of mist. Whole world is filled with mist and it is impossible to exit without Ryoko's aid. The mist is even thicker than Shikai's and seeing trough it is impossible even for a strong captain-commander. It also gets very hard to sense Ryoko there. No-one lower than an average captain will be able to do it( Tho it depends on zan of enemy). The mist here is as exhausting as the rain of shikai.
Bankai abilities. Ground of Mist: The ground disappears and the empty part is filled with mist. This makes it even harder to sense or reorient. It is also more exhausting to be there.
Warriors of Mist: Everywhere around the enemy mist turns in to warriors made of mist. They are quite fast. The point is they don't do any physical damage but when one gets hit by it, it will exhaust one very much. It is nice to be stated that no-one has ever stood up after getting more than 12 hits by the mist warriors. They can only be forced back with reiatsu attacks.
The arrow of mist: He is able to create a bow made from mist and he is able to shoot out arrows made from pure reiatsu.( Probably due to his bloodline which has quincy blood in it). ( This ability might be cut out from many RP-s as this is probably the most powerful move he has).

Armour – He wears no armor

Abilities – He can use most hado's and kido's up to no.90. Up from there it gets too exhausting for him and he never uses anything greater than kurohitsogi.

History – He is the most mysterious man in whole 13 gotei. The members of Soul Society know only few facts about him. One most known thing about him is that he is from a old Royal Family, which got secluded from other Royal Families more then thousand years ago, but before it was the strongest and most powerful family which ever has existed. Legend told that the family died out, but in last 1000 year, there have been few legendary men in 13 gotei, who belonged to that family. Ryoko Kuroshiro is also one of them. He joined 13 gotei more than 650 years ago, but disappeared about 500 years ago when he was acknowledged as the most powerful and talented man. The truth was he joined zero squad and soon was promoted to rank of vice-captain there. But then came another disappearance. The sudden disappearance of him shocked both, the king and the 13 gotei much. In truth he joined central court 46 for 50 years. His name was forgotten about 350 years ago and most of the documents about his existence were lost during a low period of Soul Society. Then about 200 years ago, he joined 13 gotei again. He got the captain rank instantly. The appearance of him let out many rumors, but after a week being a captain, only one man still in 13 gotei who still remembered him personally, announced his origin and his history in 13 gotei. This time, his deeds weren't so heroic as they had been long time ago, so he lost the mystery around him. About 150 years ago, he quit the 13 gotei. Only captain-commander knew the reason and he didn't reveal it. It's also known among the Royal Families, that he possesses a great amount of supporters in Central 46 and in two Royal Families.( The legend tells, that the Kuroshiro family was a noble quincy family, before the quincys almost extincted. Then about 4000 years ago, Kuchiki family leader and Yoruichi[Sorry forgot his family name] member married. For the sake of both families, they broke out from Royal Families and let someone else rule each family. After two generation, their only grandchild, a granddaughter of them, married Kuroshiro family greatest leader ever, called as Tashen Kuroshiro, the white death. After that with a big amount of corruption, Kuroshiros were acclaimed as the purest Royal Family, because of the mixed pure Royal Family blood in most of their members. The family first had many members, who possessed quincy powers, but in time, the Soul Reaper side of them swiped out the quincy side and in last 2500 year, there hasn't been known a single quincy in their family( The quincys of that time extincted in a great war against Hueco Mundo).[Some rumors told, that the most powerful of them were able to achieve the powers of both, quincy and soul reaper, but that's only a rumor]) Overall, he is known as a lone wolf, with a closed personality and mysterious aura around him and his past.[right]
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Re: Ryoko Kuroshiro - 1 variation!

Post by Tidus on Sun Mar 22, 2009 12:42 pm

Dude, this character is accepted.
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