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Heavy Armor Index

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Heavy Armor Index

Post by Captain Jack on Mon Jul 20, 2009 11:22 am



Leather Helm: Simple armor made of leather, hardened for months yet pliable.

Bronze Helm: A simple helm made of Bronze


Iron Helm: A heavy helm made of iron


Winged Helm: Its got wings so its bound to be good, right?

Golden Helm: A helm made of pure gold, quite valuable.


Close Helmet: A full head helmet only has eye slits.

Bone Helm: A helm made of dead people. Man you creep.

Diamond Helm: Helm made of diamond. Hardest stuff there is and it's pretty. Makes you wonder how they made it.

Steel Mask: A small lighter version of an Iron helm. Shields most of the front of the head but not the back.

Platinum Helm:

Giant's Helmet:

Dragon Helm:

Magepower Shishak:

Grand Helm


Leather Armor

Bronze Armor

Scale Armor

Iron Armor

Linen Cuirass


Golden Armor

Shielded Armor

Demon Mail

Bone Mail

Diamond Armor

Mirror Mail

Platinum Armor

Carabineer Mail

Dragon Mail


Grand Armor

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