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Armor, Items, Weaponry, Quests, and Gil

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Armor, Items, Weaponry, Quests, and Gil

Post by Captain Jack on Mon Jul 13, 2009 9:26 am

Weaponry Items And Armor!!!!

Finally The most customizable Rp around Has added Weapons, Items, and Armor. Here's somethings you should know about them though!!!!

Purchasing Things-

Everything Costs money!!!! You can buy things at the many shops through out The Rp World. The currently most powerful item you have in your Inventory shall be equipped.

If you choose that you wish to equip a different Item(such as different element ect...) You can do this at the ITEM EXCHANGE SHOP!!!


All characters start with

Attack +10
Defense +5
Mag Att 0
Mag Def 0

Or If your a Mage

Attack +3
Mag Att +8
Mag Def +5

You have attack defense and mag attack and defense.

These are mostly used as indicators as to how strong your character is. Or in use during summon battles or Hunts.
But more on that later!!!

Mages have higher Mag attack and defense then they do Attack and Defense!!!


YOu get more gil by posting in the RP you get +6 for every post and +12 for every Topic. Plus there will be hunts you can do and also many many Other secret ways of getting gil.


Currently there is only one OPen quest that you can enter And that is the Hunts Quest.

The hunts quest is basically a battle arena against a monster equal or slightly advanced than your character. It is controlled by a admin and can attack at Random and do many nasty and sneaky things. The more indepth and ingenious your posts are the more gil you will make.

The admin will end it at a time that they feel they have been defeated. But beware many times they wont go down Very easily.

Summon quests!!!

These are quests that can be unlocked for your character after they reach certain post qualifications. In summon quests you shall do battle with the summon. Just like you would a hunt. Only instead of Gil You shall receive the Summon to use in your Characters Story.

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