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Post by Captain Jack on Mon Jul 13, 2009 11:33 pm

Step 1: Choose Two Basic Skills
Step 2: Post Lots and gain many more Skills
Step 3: After a certain point Something very unique will be added to Your archer

Archer Class

Basic skills

Sharp eye –
Archers have improved senses. They see longer and hear better. This grants them more accurate shots.

The sense of nature –
Archers truly shine in nature and open spaces. They know how to hid in forests and from where to shoot their enemies.

Scatter shot –
They are able to shoot 5 arrows in the same time with 99% of accuracy. All the arrows have improved ability to pierce trough armor or skin.

Extreme agility - speed is 3 times as Larger as normal humans. Also their reflexes are a lot faster than normal humans, making them equal with many werewolves and vampires.

Shadow of nature –
The only type of warrior that is similar to a ninja. They are masters of camouflage while they are very good at swordfighting and yet are as accurate as a rogue with a bow.

One shot - is able to slaughter most of their enemies with a single arrow. ( Can be used only against NPC's)

Future skills.

Elemental Arrows



Blinding Arrow
Inflict Blind on one foe.

Sleep Arrow
Inflict Sleep on one foe.

Silencing Arrow
Inflict Silence on one foe.

Confusion Arrow
Inflict Confusion on one foe.

Remove buffs from all foes in range.

Deal ranged damage to one foe with successive shots.

Ward of the Wood
Restore HP and remove debuffs from all allies in range.

Believe that any thing you Imagine. You can make it Real

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