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The Rebirth {Plot}

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The Rebirth {Plot}

Post by Captain Jack on Fri Oct 18, 2013 8:25 pm

There he stood at the precipice of time and all that ever was. Lord Azreil, the God of All. He stood by and watched the destruction of Eternia at the hands of a foul god once known as Azuth also known as the Dark Lord.

This displeased the Lord of All, so fierce was his rage that. He grasped the eternal lifeforce of Azuth and tore it asunder. Destroying the very atoms of the Dark Lord. But Lord Azreil's wrath arrived too late and the world of Eternia still laid in ashes. All Eternia's inhabitants dead, this saddened the Lord of All greatly.

For Azreil was Lord of All and he so cherished this planet.

Lord Azreil reached out and from his hand beamed starlight and sunbeams and history was rewritten, the heroes that fell that day was brought to his arms. Eternia was once more still ravaged by a war of the gods, but intact. For humans must do some things for themselves.

For Azreil was Lord of All and his wrath was not sated.

He turned to the pantheon of the gods. And banished them to the heavens no longer able to interfere with the lives of the humans. He understood that without the gods the world would fall into darkness. He gave each of the gods permission to grant miracles, but forbade them from influencing the actions of the realms.

For Azreil was Lord of All and he so cherished all life.

Lord Azreil breathed upon Eternia and life once more returned to the planet. The humans that had lost their lives lay upon the plains, their wounds healed and resting as they had earned. Lord Azreil turned to the stream of time and plucked out the heroes known as the Guardians. He was mournful of the lives they were forced to lead and the losses they had endured.

For Azreil was Lord of All and he rewards those who are honorable.

Lord Azreil understood that they must carve a new path into the world and help rebuild for the world was once again new and growing. He would need champions, from which he could trust to do the right thing without interference of other Gods. He released them from the bonds of Guardianship. And reborn them with their truest desires.

Believe that any thing you Imagine. You can make it Real

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