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Lost Artifacts [RP-Wide Plot]

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Lost Artifacts [RP-Wide Plot]

Post by Captain Jack on Sat Nov 27, 2010 10:49 pm

Lost Artifacts: Entry One

“For years I have been searching for history long lost, and today I finally stumbled upon the most interesting story I have ever heard….” The cloaked man said as he poured over a stack of books. Blood dripping from his hand, He had wrenched the heart of the Nun who had occupied this library.

Years ago, so long ago, the worlds were created. Etched by the hands of the gods themselves; Almighty tools of great and awesome power were used in the creation of the worlds. The first tool was the Staff of Allevim.
Allevim, the God of chaos and order, Created the lands and seas with his powerful staff, the earth and air trembled as the worlds were formed from millions of particles. Heat and molten earth was formed with a single wave of his staff.

The second tool was the Watch of Greystar

Greystar was the god of time and space. He created the atmosphere and the concept of movement in time and relative dimension in space. As he opened his watch he created the vortices of time and the planets aligned themselves and joined together.

The Third Tool was the Harp of Dristol.

Dristol was the goddess of life and death. A beautiful musician, as she played her harp, life was brought to the planets, for years she played creating a vast and enumerable variety of life forms,

The Forth and Final tool was the Scale of Lilania

Lilania, The goddess of Law and wisdom. Brought intelligence to the beings and created a world order for them to follow. The scales weighed and judged the souls of the departed as they make their way to heaven or respectfully Hell.

For millennia the artifacts have been hidden from the eyes of mortals. Foolish men have often heard the stories and searched for them only to meet death at the end of their journeys. If evil were to get ahold of one of these tools the universe would surely fall into darkness. A darkness so deep not even the gods could save it.

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