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Kurosai Suroku

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Kurosai Suroku

Post by Tempest Wind on Sat Mar 21, 2009 7:28 pm

Name: Kurosai Soroku
Race: Half Human Half Demon
Occupation; Samurai
Height: 5’11
Weight: 190
Element Specialty: Water and light

Appearance: Being tall at 5’11 Kuraixo comes in at 190lbs and comes with a sword called Taros. He wears a full-Body Length Black Robe that has some parts of it that has a siverish-grey tip, his robe has a hood that covers almost all of his face but his left eye, its unique his robe or his clothing has a siverish- grey tip on every end there is to be,and the inside of his robe is a medium grey while the outside is a pitch black color. . He wears a unique style of shoes one of his shoes are pitch black and the other is the same color of the inside of his robe/clothing. a metal shoulder-plate for both shoulders.

Demon form:

The appeaance of Kurosai’s demon from is a monstrous creature, with it having no feet, completely hovering in the air. Its head is that of some sort of an alian. The eyes of this monstrous creature form of kurosai has very slim eyes, nearly not visible. It has two wings, one black and one white, also the arms of it are very ripped with it being nothng but muscle in appearance.

The weapon it comes with is a very, more advanced form of Destroyer, except of it being the appearance of a regualr sword, its more of a staff, that is 10 feet long, but only about 8 feet up the weapon is strings of light. That could possibly lead to the true powers of Deatroyer.

Just like the human form of Kurosai, this demon can control light and water, but in this form instead of controlling the basics of light and water, this demon can control all forms of light, and anything with or that has anything to do with liquids. How ever there is one special ability that makes this form of kurosai truly monstrous.

When it points its staff directly up all of the light from the heavens comes down to the staff and will be ready for any kind of attack.. But in order for Kurosai to do this, he has to be at least three hundred feet in the air, and once he is that high, Kurosai is then able to summon as much as light as he needs, then the staff Is ready for any kind of attack. There is one specific kind of an attack that Kurosai always does in this form. This involves him summoning a light dragon to his side, and then by slightly fusing his own energy into the dragon, he is able to use the dragon as some kind of light energy firer. With the dragon able to fire light beams at will, this allows Kurosai to gain all control of light energy. And to finalize the this move, Kurosai jabbs his staff right into the back of the dragona nd a massive amount of light energy dispurses from the now destroyed dragon and all of it forms into a giant eclipse that then just fires random shots of light energy throughout the time that Kurosai is in that form.


Destoryer: This is the only weapon that kurosai has , this weapon has the ability to generate Light particles from the heavens or anything that has light around it.

The appearance of the blade is quite unusal, the hilt is exactly 5 feet and 4 and a half inches with a design of the Yin-Yang symbol going through out it. The blade itself it a unique shape with it having three spikes coming out in the lower, middle and near the top of the blade, but as the blade continues to the top the color of it shapes from light grey to a dark black, and at the very tip it is pitch black, but the shape of the blade is that of a Cresent moon shape, and in the space where the blade curves is a emblem of some sort that shines with a bright red.

Destroyer has several side abilities, but the main ability comes from Kurosai’s own ability to produce water and light. But the blade itself has one main ability that is able to produce several light beings that take the shape of small dragons, that are able to fire light particles at will. But they also have the ability to combine to take the form of a massive light dragon, which is not much of a physical form, but it does have one massive attack where it can firs a massive amount of beams at enemys.

Personality: Kurosai is a really nice person and he loves to be around people and he goes to church every Sunday but he does keep his distance for some people . He hates too have people think that he is a goody toshoe. He has his dark moments

History of Kurosai’s city: Rasekai is a very high tech city where there are a lot of facilities that help with repairing game systems, laboratory’s, major companies and the mayor’s building and there are the outskirts of it, there is Kurosai’s home.

History/Backround of Kurosai’s Childhood: Kurosai was adopted by a ruthless king and his 15 yr old sex slave and he was taught to be the most ruthless warrior that there can be imagined so his adopted father sent him to the snowy mountains just 200 miles away from Resekai. He was only 6 years old when he was sent to the mountains and he spent 5 long years there fending for himself and only had a sword and a book of ways to overkill his enemies. And when he came back his sworn mission was to kill his so called loving father and he did and being the one who slain his own father he drank his father’s blood and set out to find his real father and it begins the tale of Kurosai Nabaki: The Lone Samurai of Rasekai.

History of Kurosai’s Teenage years 12-14:
Still on his life mission to find his birth father he comes across an old man that offers to train him for the old man does know something about his demon side so he decided to be under the training and guidance over this strange old man whoch he is called Sweska, the demon master of magic. His mission was to find the son of the greatest demon warrior and he knew that Kurosai was the guy. So at a young age Kurosai was sent to hell to begin his magic training even though he only learned two spells they are the most powerful kind of spells he can learn. But before he can learn those spells he must face his fears as he will face the most powerful hell denmon knowing there is no way out of this Kurosai faces this fermentable foe anyway and there is when he activates this demon claws for the first time at the age of 12. And that is enough to get him beat this demon , but Kurosai is badly injured, and sensing the near-by enemies he starts to find some shelter to escape these demons, but he cannot out run them so he fights them and being more injured he learns the first of two spells he learns Demon Fury. and two years later Kurosai is finally back in the living world and he goes to the old man and starts yelling at him for why he put him through so much hell and the old man reply’s “you have gotten stronger I know now my time with you is done good bye Kurosai.”

Family History: As for his family he is searching for his Blood father but as for any brothers he has one his younger brother Kaidaku Soroku. They cant stand each other, and when they are in the same room they try to kill each other that is why they were born at different parts of Rasekai and they ran into each other when Kurosai was 15 and Kaidaku was 10 years old and they hated each other ever since and they had been at each other’s throats for a long 9 years.
Likes: Tv, video games, running sparing with his master, and Vault and other energy/ soda drinks.
Dislikes: School, Darkness, fire, School, fighting, staying awake at times.

Demon Abilities:

Master Control of Light &Water: While in his demon from Kurosai can have even more destructive and creative control of water and light. His ability to control all aspects of light and water is really amazing in this form. He can morph it, use it in anyway Kurosai sees it fit. He can also increase his own speed or Strength with his powers, to make this enhancement a major power source.

Levitating: Now this is also a very common ability for demons. The ability to levitate, this is a real easy thing for Kurosai. Since when transformed into his demon form he is basically levitating all the time. This will give him many edges in his battles, also it may cause his demise, it all depends on how he uses this ability.

Super speed: this is one of the most common demon traits of many half breeds. This is where kurosai is able to exceed his normal speed up to 10x. This is probably the easiest trait of his demon side and for one easy reason. Having the control of light, one is predicted to be able to go at hypersonic speeds, and able to use his control of light to aid his speed at un-normal speeds.

Hercules: this is a demon ability that gives kurosai the strength of 10 men. He will be able to exceed his natural limit that is beyond any point of any warrior that is a hald demon.

Special moves:

Offensive Moves:

Holy masquerade: in this attack Kurosai gathers half of the his pure light energy and gets his in a movnover and puts his hands in front of him in a strait way and all of that energy he gathered comes to his hands and fires strait at the enemy(s) in a strait line dealing minimal damage 20-60 damange

Liquid Burst:in this attack kuro is gathering all of the liquids nearby and uses his ability to munipulate liquids by forming them into many balls of water and fires each one simutamulusly at surrounding enemies dealing 20-70 damage depending on the liquids he had gathered and how hmuch energy he has left .

Excalibur Strike: To prepare for this attack, Kurosai needs to concetrate his thoughts, and clear his head of all nevative, and evil thoughts that may go through his head. Okay and once he has done that, he then needs to get his power level up to the required stature in order to perform the attack at precise accuracy, speed, and strength. So the way he does this is, that he raises his sword to the heavens his whole body will get slightly covered by a bright sky blue aura that circles around him , then when the power is at the exact amount to perform it, all of the energy that was once circulating his body, it is now surrounding his blade and by slightly bending his elbows the power compressed from Kurosai’s own being. The aura that is surrounding the blade, then now shoots up into the air, and then just by following the energy and slightly going above it the beamof white energy completely stops. Finally kurosai strikes the energy and it sends it flying downward in the form of a meteor showe, causing damage to the area.

Defensive Moves

Light Armor: This is a defence technique that Kurosai has developed by himself. This armor acts as a shelid to most attacks that are of the Darkness element. The way that Kurosai gets this armor set up is that he gets to a good enough distance away from his opponent or opponents. Then by gathering the pure light energy that resides in the Heavens. He just slightly tilts his whole body into the air where his entire clothing glows pure white. One piece at a time, the white glowing aura into the armor itself, and thus his defence protection is completed.

Liquid Protector: Similar to Light Armor, but Liquid protector acts more as a rejuvenating healer, instead of a shield. The way this defense move works is that Kurosai implants his hands on the ground with heavy force and his body reacts to the movement, where the water around him creates a protective arm plates that heal the wounds that have been dealt to him in the battle/battles that he has been taken part in. However, the healing powers of these arm plates don’t heal that much, so that is why these armor plates are used by Kurosai the most.

Ultimate Attack:
1000 Damaging Stars
: this move is the most powerful in Kurosai’s arsenal he gets all of the power he has from all his moves and he calls upon the help of the gods and they give him the light energy needed and he points his sword up into the air and its charged with a supernova energy aura and just points it out to the enemy and just swings it horizontally and it creates a massive beam of pure energy that can kill 100 of the strongest men. But for this to be possible he has to have all of his demon abilities activated cause this move requires a lot of preparation and energy to do it perfectly.

Strength: Kurosai’s strength comes from his human half he has worked so hard to keep that strength by doing daily morning workouts and keeping his health and also training pass his limits. At some points Kurosai can allow his muscles to grow to an great size but only for a short amount of time. This is because of his demon backround, which gives him a great deal of ways to use his strength to his advantage.

Speed: There are a couple of reasons why Kurosai is exceptional at speed, well for one he has been a really active athlete for his whole entire life, so that is the reason he has always had a massive amount of speed in his body, but there is another reason, cause of his demon backround, which give him the ability to go at an extreme length of speed, therefore he is able to compete with the fastest moving object, if he wants to. Also this speed is in relation to his powers to control water and light. He can produce light particles as he is moving, for the faster he moves, the more dence the light particles and thus the more powerful his Light attacks become

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Re: Kurosai Suroku

Post by Juss on Sun Mar 22, 2009 10:59 am

Very nice and detailed Wink Accepted!

Tho I have to mention that some RPB may want you do ignore your ultimate attack due to it's huge power!
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