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Kaidaku Suroku

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Kaidaku Suroku

Post by Tempest Wind on Wed Mar 18, 2009 4:02 am

Kaidaku Suroku
Nickname: Kairo
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Lone Warrior
white with a tan
Kaidaku stands at a remarable height of6’0,and at an astonishing weight of 195 lbs, he has Medium red hair going down half way his neck, he wears an unique out fit. he has a red cyber arm arm which is used to help him with some of his abilities. He has a grayish silver torso armor plate with a pale whitish robe like thing going from his waist to around the bottom of his calves. He also comes along with a standard Black Pants, with Black Shoes.

Fire: Kaidaku is able to use the power of fire to his disposal, even though he maybe a mere human, Kairo can use fire to his own will, and that is what his main weapon is all about. Flambara
: this sword is completely red hilt, blade, all of it. However on the blade near the edge is some sort of tribal markings, that have been a blank to the weilders of the sword for generations. The sword’s power comes from the user’s power, in this case, the swords power comes from the fire power of Kaidaku. The fire power used from kaidaku is used for the sword by kaidaku putting any amount of fire energy into the sword, and that gives the sword the ability to create flaming vortexs that seem to have the ability to summon unholy creatures from the underworld, and also it can produce a vary amount of flame beams, attacks and such more.


Kairo is very distant from others only because of his job he is afraid to get close to anyone cause that would lead to a weakness and as a mercenary he can’t have that or it will cause problems for his jobs and his own health. As for his attitude it is mysterious because he is a lone warrior. staying away from all but getting his money for his work and his motto is “fear nothing feared by all”.

History: his past is a big blur but when he was 14 he was in a big explosion but it only blown off his left arm so to be a little more normal he had to get a cyber red arm and since he is a human he had to have a ring with three spikes, that are there to keep his cyber arm in place to keep it from falling off and him being in deep pain.
As for where he is from he hails from Rasekai. So his home has the technology to support him, so he has no worries of getting hurt from his cyber arm.

Likes: Sake, Vault, BLT sandwiches, and Ribs that are bbqed.

Dislikes: Water, Brussels sprouts People that ask him more than 3 questions.

Burst mode: Burst mode is probably the only time Kaidaku loses some self-control of his own being. He is only able to go into Burst mode raises all of the power of Kairo, that includes his strength, speed, defence, endurence, power and control of fire, and basically his own entire being becomes a whole new level. Also Burst mode gives kairo a unique aura, not anything that a human would be seen to be capable of, but as it would seem the aura is the color of the sun, which in most eyes seems to be red- orange right? Wrong, actually the aura is a crimson red, and the eyes of kairo become pure fire, and nothing more.
Fighting abilities

Lightning Jab: this is one of the most simple moves that Kairo can use, this is a series of fast jabs that seem to be surrounded by lightning, but in reality the jabs go at a high speed, and with such velocity, and combined with Kairo’s strength; they prove to be a better asset then they seem to be

Fury of Fire: this is a move in which kairo uses his own fire manipulation ablities to cause fire to surround his feet. Showing a dark red-orange aura, and then by doing that Kairo launches a number of series of fire kicks, and the fire’s strength is determined by the amount of fire that has been gathered, but if any kick hits, the person on the receiving end will be burned but not majorly, however it will be quite serious in the long-term effect.

Special Abilities:
Flaming Terror: Flaming Terror is one Kaidaku’s most strongest offensive attack. Kaifaku starts out this attack by first gathering most of his fire power into his right hand, which in this case is his cyber arm.. By gathering the fire power, and transporting it to his right arm, next Kairo swings his arm backwards to where its behind him, and the longer he holds it behind him the larger and more powerful the fire gets. Until it reaches the point where the fire is almost out of control, Kairo jumps into the air and thrusts his arm forward at a high speed, and the fire goes forth in a beam formation and hitting a single enemy with eternal flames that can cause major burns and eventually burns the target to a crisp

Darkening cloud: this move is a unique one, while in Burst mode, Kaidaku is able to produce many kinds of powers. This move is probably one of the most mysterious that Kaidaku knows how to do. This is not a offensive, nor is it a offensive move. Kairo begins this attack by first raising his sword up high into the air, the darkness within his heart comes out and forms a giant series of clouds in the air. Then kairo quickly jumps into the clouds of darkness, then the clouds immediately grow larger insize. Thus giving kairo an advantage from the recently larger clouds. The expantion of clouds give a kind of a distraction, which acts as a great asset to Kairo.


Flaming disaster: This move Flaming Disaster happens to be the most destructive, evil, violent, and down right explosive attack that Kairo knows how to use. Kairo starts off by first getting his power level to the fullest it could be, then by doing that he raises his sword, impales it into the ground, and starts to gather all of the fire energy that he could possibly can. Then by doing that, Kairo releases this fire into the ground, and after just seconds of doing that his whole body, including his cyber arm completely becomes radiating with fire head to toe. Next he grabs his Flambara, and since Flambara’s power is measured by the users power, all of that fire goes to Flambara in a matter of seconds, and then Kairo jumps high into the air, and swings Flambara with mighty force and all of that fire is pushed forward, and is compressed into a massive beam of fire that aims at all of the enemies in the area, and eventually all will be wiped from existence due to the intense temperature and density of the beam.


Opening battle-
During battle-
End of battle theme-
Dying Theme-

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Re: Kaidaku Suroku

Post by Juss on Wed Mar 18, 2009 4:07 am

Accepted Wink Quite nice and detailed bio.
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