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Arcane Warrior

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Arcane Warrior

Post by Captain Jack on Mon Dec 05, 2011 10:42 am

Created By Harin

Jobclass: Arcane Warrior

Traits: The Arcane warrior uses magic as their main attack force, but instead of channeling it through a wand or staff like other magic users they channel it through special swords the warrior crafts themselves. Though the swords can be used in combat the main force of the Arcane warrior is the magic.


Strengthened Blade-For a span of time the knights own energy infuses the sword making it nearly indestructive, in this state the blade can shear through metal and withstand the attack of even the strongest blade
Invisible Blade-For a period of time the swordsman, regardless of race, can perform acrobatic sword maneuvers that are to fast to be seen.
Flamethrower-The Arcane Warrior's sword shoots out a wide steam of fire.
Tsunami-The user is able to summon a wave of water thats size is dependent on the water in the area. The user can also use water from the plants if there is no water source.
Barrier-The user is able to make strong air currents that either stop an attack or just redirect the attack, depending on the strength of the attack

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