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GMvGM1 Jack versus the Arcane Chimera

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GMvGM1 Jack versus the Arcane Chimera

Post by Mari Bryn on Mon Mar 22, 2010 3:52 pm

The Arcane Chimera broke through to this world from the chaos between worlds. One part goat, one part Lion, and one part Dragon. To defeat the Chimera one must defeat it four times, the first three are the single forms of Goat first, Lion second and Dragon third. The forth time is them combined.

Each form has different attacks.

Ram of Fate
Horn of Chaos
Hoof of Death

Roar of Past
Bite of Present
Claw of Future

Blast of Fire
Smash of Earth
Flight of Wind

Arcane Wrath
Arcane Fury
Arcane Destruction

The Chimera is resistant to most magics, it being a creature of magic itself. And it's fearsome strength should not be underestimated. Great riches Await the one who wins this challenge.

Challenge ends April 22nd

Mother Yackle and Lavitz are in charge of field effects and some monster control, Monster is controllable by poster.

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Re: GMvGM1 Jack versus the Arcane Chimera

Post by Captain Jack on Sat Mar 27, 2010 12:37 am

Jack walked along side the mountain path, Whistling a tune to himself. " God im bored, I wish there was something fun to play with." He said with a sigh as he continued walking up the path. The path was made of loose gravel and dirt, flowers dotted the along either side. Jack lit a cigar and puffed on it as he walked further up the pass. Suddenly he came to a clearance, and he smiled, as he saw it.

A Giant Goat, stood in the clearing munching on the nearby trees. It noticed Jack and Unleashed a ungodly load "BAHHHHH" Winds whipped around Jack as the Animal readied for an attack. "God your breath stinks." Said Jack while he held his nose,

"Well, I suppose it will give me some exercise." Said Jack as he removed his coat and unsheathed his sword. " Shall we Play?" said Jack as the Goat Lunged at him.

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