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Margo Harvot ~Viera~

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Margo Harvot ~Viera~

Post by Margo Harvot on Tue Jun 07, 2011 3:40 am

UserName: Margo Harvot

Name: Margo Harvot

Age: 53

Race: Viera

Job class: Gunner

Two Basic Skills:
Dual Wield
Scatter Shot

Guild: Nox-Cursori.

Appearance: Margo has average height with a slim build, with light skin. She has auburn hair that falls to the waist, and wears a glaring pink dress-like-shirt, with a green dress bottom, giving her a christmas-tree-esque look.

Personality: Bright and cheery, her experience over the years has given her a sharp tongue and a quick wit. Annoyingly polite to those she doesn't like ( and vice versa ), she is more then delighted to engage in verbal banter. Seldom temperamental, when she gets angry, she gets angry. Mostly unknown to others, she has a less "dangerous" personality inside, and when needed, quite gentle. She likes exploring new things.

History: Like most Viera's, Margo used to reside in Eruyt Village. Unlike other Vieras, she didn't approve of the old duds who shut themselves off in the village. Voicing that opinion was as good as slapping the elder in the face however, and the word spread quickly that another Viera was going to be "tainted". It was considerably tiring to hear gossip every step you took - Margo soon took off out of the village, and out of the familiar jungle. Her thirst for knowledge and exploring could not be quenched, and she continued to wander the worlds.
Margo Harvot

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Re: Margo Harvot ~Viera~

Post by Moget on Mon Jun 13, 2011 3:28 pm

Feel free to start posting!
Mognet Mog
Mognet Mog

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