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Mother Y and Rieka

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Mother Y and Rieka

Post by Mari Bryn on Wed Mar 24, 2010 3:09 pm

Hello again, I saw that the other admins did this so I figured I would to, but instead of just covering my RP character, I decided to explain where Mother Yackle comes from.

My real name is Katie, most of you know this. Mother Yackle is from a series of books by Gregory McGuire, the best known of these books is Wicked. Mother Yackle is a crazy old lady that seems to know everything but will never give you a straight answer. I like to pretend that I know everything, (I don't but w/e you know) and I can be quite crazy sometimes but generally I try and act sane ha ha.

Rieka, the girl with no last name. I've fallen in love with my sweet little werepuppy. She's only 17 but most people don't realize that, hopelessly young for a werewolf she does her best, practically alone in the world. She's passionate and free-willed. She picks her paths by chance it usually seems, and yet she always shows up when she's needed. Unlike most she doesn't exactly like fighting she'd much prefer to rebuild her home and work on her fathers old inventions. Given that she fights when she has to to protect her friends, or those who can't protect themselves. Rieka is just a kid forced into an cruel adult world, but she makes the most of it. She's actually more mature than me...I'm still mad I don't have a ball pit in my bedroom yet.

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