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characters along with sazah

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characters along with sazah

Post by Kain on Thu Mar 12, 2009 10:27 am


Lightning as she is seen in the official E3 teaser trailerThe full cast of Final Fantasy XIII is yet unknown. The following characters have been shown in trailers and screenshots of the game, along with other released information.

Lightning is a young woman previously associated with the Cocoon military, who has been given a task by a Crystal. Lightning has long strawberry-blonde hair and is 178 cm tall. .Lightning wields a combination of a gun and a sword and can also manipulate gravity with a device on her thumb

Working with her is Snow Villiers, a blond, bandanna-wearing male who rides the Summoned spirit Shiva Sisters in their motorcycle form and totes a large gun. Snow is the head of Team Nora, a resistance group against Cocoon. He is a big character and is capable of running while carrying two people. He was nicknamed "Mr. 33 cm" by the staff of Final Fantasy XIII as a nod to his shoe size. In the October 2008 issue of Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, it is revealed that he uses a power that is related to the tattoo on his left forearm.

A third character is Oerba Dia Vanille,who is a girl with red-brown hair worn in pigtails and lives in Pulse. In a trailer, she is seen captured by the Cocoon army and walking in a funeral procession. She is described as an optimistic person, who carries a heavy burden in her heart. Her weapon resembles a modernized bow.

A fourth playable character, Sazh Katzroy was first featured in V-Jump Magazine. He is a middle-aged man with an afro who Lightning knows from her time serving in the military. Sazh wields dual pistols, his strong point is striking enemies from a distance. He is a good combination with the close-range Lightning. He has a baby chocobo as a pet that appears to live in his afro. He is described as a middle-aged black man with good judgment and moral discernment. He has a gentle personality and is easlily moved to tears, and joins the party early in the game.

In the Jump Festa 2009 and the official global trailer, three more characters who are part of Snow's resistance group are seen in the hijack of the captives' train. One is a man with orange hair and dark olive skin called Gadot and another is a black-haired woman with a purplish butterfly tattoo on her shoulder named Lebreau The third is a young blond-haired man wearing goggles named Maqui

two antagonistic characters were featured: a high-ranking female commander with knee-length blond hair and glasses who interrogates the captive Vanille in the trailer, and an intimidating man wearing his hair up in a ponytail, who leads the Cocoon army

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