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Bests and Worsts Thread

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Bests and Worsts Thread

Post by Link on Wed Mar 11, 2009 11:24 pm


Favorite Character:
Favorite Male Character:
Favorite Female Character:
Favorite NPC character:
Favorite Weapon:
Favorite Limit Break:
Favorite GF:
Favorite Garden:
Favorite Magic:
Favorite Command (Devour, Draw):
Favorite Random Monster:
Favorite Boss:
Favorite Sorceress:
Favorite Area:
Favorite Place (As in "actual" places like Balamb):
Favorite Method of Transportation:
Favorite Cutscene:
Favorite Music:
Favorite FMV:

Worst Character:
Worst Male Character:
Worst Female Character:
Worst NPC character:
Worst Weapon:
Worst Limit Break:
Worst GF:
Worst Garden:
Worst Magic:
Worst Command (Devour, Draw):
Worst Random Monster:
Worst Boss:
Worst Sorceress:
Worst Area:
Worst Place (As in "actual" places like Balamb):
Worst Method of Transportation:
Worst Cutscene:
Worst Music:
Worst FMV:


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Re: Bests and Worsts Thread

Post by Guest on Tue Mar 24, 2009 2:31 am

Favorite Character: Zell
Favorite Male Character: Zell
Favorite Female Character: Selphie
Favorite NPC character: The guy who owns the car the giant robot steps on
Favorite Weapon: Gunblade
Favorite Limit Break: Zells
Favorite GF: Queazaqotl onlyt because his name is impossible to spell
Favorite Garden: Balamb
Favorite Magic: Death
Favorite Command (Devour, Draw): Draw
Favorite Random Monster: Bomb
Favorite Boss: Edea seeing squall get an icicle through him is priceless
Favorite Sorceress: Edea
Favorite Area: Balamb
Favorite Place (As in "actual" places like Balamb): Timber
Favorite Method of Transportation: Flying Garden
Favorite Cutscene: the train when everyone falls asleep even hyper-selphie
Favorite Music: Eyes on me and waltz for the moon
Favorite FMV: Opening

Worst Character: Squall
Worst Male Character:Squall
Worst Female Character:Rinoa
Worst NPC character:Seifer
Worst Weapon:Whip
Worst Limit Break:Blue magic
Worst GF:Bros
Worst Garden:Galbadia
Worst Magic: Fire
Worst Command (Devour, Draw):Steal
Worst Random Monster:Cockatrice
Worst Boss: president/undead thing (cant believe it took me so long to figure out i could kill it outright with an x-potion
Worst Sorceress: Eden
Worst Area: Esther
Worst Place (As in "actual" places like Balamb): Esther
Worst Method of Transportation: Car
Worst Cutscene: the one with quistis in the hidden area of the training facility
Worst Music: garden background music
Worst FMV:the whole thing in space when you just reach rinoa makes me sick

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