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Mogken Thunderwing {Moogle} {Eternia}

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Mogken Thunderwing {Moogle} {Eternia}

Post by Uriel on Wed Apr 12, 2017 12:48 am

Name:Mogken Thunderwing


Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Race: Moogle

-Skin color: light grey fur

-Facial Characteristics: Pink button nose, Green eyes, hot pink pom

-Other Characteristics: wings that fade into a deep crimson color

-Strengths: can glide/float around, can cast lighting, very nimble and acrobatic, knowledge of ruins due to treasure hunting

-Weaknesses: can't swim, is afraid of malboros

-Temperment: pretty easy going, but is always ready to steal to make his fortune

-History: Mogken comes from a family of Moogles that have always had more than enough mouths to feed. when he was a young moogle of 10 he was in town and heard of adventurers heading into the ruins and
coming back with loads of relics and treasure and making tons of gil that way. so that whole next week he searched during the day for someone to train him to be able to delve into the ruins of this
world so that he can make his frotune and to help care for his family. after 7 grueling days of searching he came upon a strange man with a monkeys tail who said that he had noticed him looking for a master
and that he would be more than happy to teach him the ways of the thief. Mogkens mastr taught him all about how to pick locks, avoid detection and fight using two daggers. for years mogken trained with his master
at 15 his master gifted him a pair of twin daggers with special runes on them and told that they will always give him the edge in a pinch. After that his master left for a mission with his own group and Mogken never saw him again
but he used the skills he was taught and delved into the ruins and helped provide for his family.

Job Class:Thief
Job Class Creation: (if Applicable)
-Name of Job Class:
-Skills: lock picking, dual wielding (daggers)

lightning bolt

Appearance:tall for a moogle he is 4 ft even he wears grey pants, a red baseball style shirt and a dark blue vest
Limit Break(Eternia Only): Lightning Blitz (lightning courses through mogkens entire body and he becomes as fast as a bolt of lightning able
to strike his foes multiple time in the blink of an eye doing damage both with the daggers and with lightning

Weapons: a pair of twin daggers he has dubbed rune daggers

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Re: Mogken Thunderwing {Moogle} {Eternia}

Post by Mari Bryn on Wed Apr 12, 2017 7:52 am

I've made minor changes to your skills, (added lock-picking and stealth) We can add more later if needed) Fixed title. APPROVED.
Mari Bryn
Mari Bryn

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