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Character Creation. START HERE!

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Character Creation. START HERE!

Post by Captain Jack on Sun Dec 09, 2012 9:59 am

To create your character, you will need to start a new thread with your characters name as the title. Then fill out this form with as much detail you want.

Make sure to include all of the following...

Name of your Character:





Weapons/Fighting Style:

Special Ability:


Name-You can name your character whatever you want, within reason. We are a PG-13 forum so you can't use inappropriate language in your name. You can also ass a nickname in after your name if you chose.

Race-You can use a well established race, like human, werewolf, vampire(traditional), any race from the Final Fantasy games, or create your own race. If you use an obscure Final Fantasy race please link to their general description on the wiki conveniently found here if you make your own race give a description of the race in a spoiler box.

Personality and appearance should be fairly self explanatory.

Weapon/Fighting style-What weapons do you use and how do you use them. Do you use stealth or do you just stride up to your enemies? Do you use guns, bows, magic, sticks, llamas, or whatever to fight? Describe your tools and how you use them here.

Special ability: Do you have super human aim? Can you almost flawlessly blend into shadows? Jump super high? Do a really cool sword trick? Every one has a special ability, tell us about it here! (Just not to special, you aren't a god after all, keep it within reason.)

Background: We don't need your whole life story, but let us know a little bit about what makes you who you are. Did pirates kill your parents? Were they eaten by a grue? Are you one of those rare RP Characters that still has parents? Let us know!

These are all just guidelines, and if you need something explained better don't be afraid to ask. Just remember, keep everything within reason. No 'god-modding' no extreme super powers. Keep it fun for everyone!

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