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The Pack

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The Pack

Post by Mari Bryn on Wed Jun 09, 2010 11:48 pm

Main Characters Name: Rieka
Secondary Name: Tobias Michales
Age: 12
Race: Werewolf
Apperance: Small and thin for his age with shoulder length curly blonde hair and blue eyes. He changes to a small blonde wolf
Personality: He is very shy, but loyal and sweet. He sticks with his pack and would do onything to defend them.
Fighting Description: Tobias prefers to fight in his wolf form but in human form he is very agile and quick, he is not afraid to fight dirty.
History: to be discovered.

Main Characters Name: Rieka
Secondary Name: James Talbert
Age: 15
Race: Werewolf
Apperance:Large and Muscular with short brown hair.
Personality: James is not the brightest child, which cause children in his past to ridicule him making him reclusive towards others. He uses his strength to intimidate where his mind may fail him.
Fighting Description: James is strong, stronger than many full grown werewolves. He uses this to his advantage and takes a very blnt straight foreward approach to fighting.
History: to be discovered

Main Characters Name: Rieka
Secondary Name: Samuel Carter
Age: 16
Race: Werewolf
Apperance: Tall 6ft'5 but quite thin. red hair that is always falling in his eyes.
Personality: Samuel is cocky, but clever, his nickname is 'The Fox' he always tends to turn a situation to his advantage.
Fighting Description: Samuel out-thinks his opponents using the landscape to his advantage.
History: To be discovered.

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Re: The Pack

Post by Captain Jack on Wed Jun 09, 2010 11:54 pm

I rule APPROVED (subtracts -5000gil) DISCOUNT WOOOOoooooooooooooo

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