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Time and Space Magic Index

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Time and Space Magic Index

Post by Captain Jack on Mon Jul 20, 2009 12:20 pm

* Haste - Haste speeds up an action of a character, allowing it to take more actions. Some games include the multi-targettable Haste2 or Hastega.

* Slow - Slow slows down an action of a character, reducing the amount of actions it can do. Also upgradeable to Slow2 or Slowga.

* Stop - Stop prevents a character from taking action until it wears off.

* Invisible - The character's evasion rises. In Final Fantasy XI the spell makes a character totally invincible to physical attacks (his/her sprite even disappears), but getting hit by magic attacks will connect and cancel the status.

* Disable - Disable prevents a character from taking an action, but they can still move.

* Regen - Regen allows characters to recover HP periodically until it wears off. This is also commonly a spell of White Magic, varying between titles.

* Warp - Warp allows characters to escape from battle or the dungeon they're currently in. Sometimes, instead of escaping from battle, it attempts to kill the enemy party.

* Immobilize - Immobilize prevents a character from moving, but can still take other actions.

* Gravity/Demi & Graviga/Quarter - These spells inflict Gravity damage which reduces the HP of the target by a set percentage. Stronger spells such as
'Gravija' can sap much more that 50% of the character's HP. Other spells such as 'Tornado' or 'Maelstrom' have the same effect as Gravija.

* Reflect - Reflect prevents spells from affecting the target of the reflect spell. Instead, the spell is reflected back at either the caster of the spell or, if the spell is on the same team as the target, a random foe. Can also appear as Reflectga.

* Float - Float gives the target immunity from Earth elemental attacks, but increases damage from Wind elemental attacks. In Final Fantasy IV and Final Fantasy, Float also protected the party from damage in certain dungeons or from traps.

* Quick - Quick allows a character to take an extra turn immediately.

* X-Zone - X-Zone sends all targets into nothingness.

* Comet and Meteor - These spells generally deal random, gravity-based damage on their targets, with Comet being single hit and Meteor dealing multiple hits.

* Vanish - The character turns intangible to physical attacks, but in exchange, its magic evasion is nullified.

[edit] Game-specific

* Old - In Final Fantasy V, lowers the level of a target.

* Return - In Final Fantasy V, resets the battle to the beginning.

* Speed - In Final Fantasy V, speeds up the flow of battle.

* Demi3 - In Final Fantasy VII, reduces a target's HP by 3/4.

* Balance - In Final Fantasy XII, damages according how much HP is lost.

* Berserk - In Final Fantasy XII, causes target to use physical attack only.

* Bleed - In Final Fantasy XII, lowers target HP rapidly with Sap.

* Break - In Final Fantasy XII, turns target to stone.

* Countdown - In Final Fantasy XII, causes doom.

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