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Ghosts of the Past {Open}

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Ghosts of the Past {Open}

Post by Guest on Sat Jul 18, 2009 12:15 am

As Cade slowly walked into the capital city of Eternia the darkness was just creeping in and he felt lucky that he made into the city before dark. Nights outside the city are extremely dangerous, though not for someone like him. Still its was comforting to know that he would be sleeping in a nice warm bed instead of the hard cold ground. As he slowly crept through the streets, in the alleyways and side streets and saw the scum of the city slowly making there way out of whatever hole they had crawled from looking for a easy target for their next theft. As he passed one dark alleyway several large looking gentlemen that didn't look like they were going to ask for directions.

"Hey boy you look like you know where you are going, you know what that have the money for where you are going." Said the biggest of the three.

As I stand there and say nothing and the men get antsy and the big one closes in and says to me. "Did you hear me boy? I said give me all your money or the city guard will be finding your body parts all over this ground." He says as he grabs my cloak and pulls my hood off releasing my long blond hair. He lifts me up and says "I am giving you one last chance boy, give me all your money or face the consequences."

Before he could even reach for his hidden weapon one the the men went flying in the nearest wall. The other man said "What he hel..." And before he could finish his sentence was flying in the opposite direction. The last one who was holding me let me go and tried to run but he didn't get very far. He stopped mid-stride and slowly lifted off the ground and started to spin around to face me. I stepped close to him and said. "Now what did you ask me? Hmm what was it now, oh yes my money. Well you see I have become very attached to this money pouch of mine so I dont think I would like it leaving it my side. Now I am going to give you some advice the next time you decide to rob someone who is smaller than you....dont." As I finished the sentence he flew straight up and I continued walking and a few seconds later he came flying down hitting the ground with a force that shook the nearest doors just a little bit.

"I hate punk ass bitches" I say as I walk away and try to look for the nearest Inn.

OOC: How is that? Its kinda my first time RPing so I hope it isn't too bad.


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Re: Ghosts of the Past {Open}

Post by Captain Jack on Fri Mar 26, 2010 11:16 pm

Wooops you been banned { Admin CLEAN!!! FTW}

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