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Post by Captain Jack on Mon Jul 13, 2009 11:32 pm

Step 1: Post lots and your attack and defense will increase as you post more
Step 2: After you reach a certain point. Different jobs as a knight will become open to you.

Knight - An accepted knight. The most common of knights who respects the code of honor. Knights tend to wear special knight heavy armors and most of them are members of knight orders. Some of them also work as bodyguards. They are powerful, brave and honest

Good reputation:

Being a knight grants you good reputation everywhere. This means that people might close their eyes when they see you committing crimes, they offer you better goods and may give you a free spot in inns.


Sword play: Skill in swords is almost unmatched.

Additional Strength: A knight is even more powerful in terms of raw power than other types of warriors.

Holy light - A crusader can summon holy light from the bottom of their heart. Their body sends outs dozens of light waves that can harm vampires and everything else undead.

Battle rage - Is ability to turn in to a controlled battle rage, in which his speed triples and his strength doubles. Much like Berserker status, only the user in control.

Leadership - Natural talent in commanding armies and rallying troops

Future Knight Jobs

Dark Knight



Holy Knight

Believe that any thing you Imagine. You can make it Real

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