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Post by Captain Jack on Sun Jul 12, 2009 10:46 pm

Much like This Profile Done by squall lionheart follow his example

Note Only Skilled RP'ers may be demons. Due to their powerful nature.

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Species: Demon

Blood Type: AB

Weight: 190lbs

Height: 5’11

Occupation: Claimer of misplaced goods.

Birth Place: Quebec, Canada

Birth Date: 1989

Nationality: Italian

Weapon Of Choice: Gloves/Claws (Indestructible, Cuts through anything).

Personality: Flirty, Clever. Knows how to take a joke. Won't take anyone seriously, unless they seem logical.

Background: Growing up on the streets on Quebec without parents he was taken in by a big mob boss named Gatto, because of this he picked up many bad habits, from being a bit too cocky, to practically being a free spirit around people( Men or Women ), he also became a big thief, he could pick your pocket in the flash of an eye, or rob you in the midst of the night, his trademark being the fact that he was gone before you knew you were robbed. He's a big flirt when he sees something he likes, and will tease to no end. After becoming fed up with North America in general (And getting an outstanding bounty on his head, in Canada and the States, plus some parts of Mexico.) He decided to head to Europe, after all he'd always wanted to go there, and with all the money he needed and more (From taking from the rich and giving to his pockets) he could go anywhere and do anything, and the start of his journey would lead him to London, to a strange mansion, but would the male be there to stay, or to steal...?

Special Ability: Wind Manipulation


La Garra de Dios Wroth: (With claws on it, made from special materials enabling it to slice through anything.)

Espada De Dios: A blade stashed away somewhere in ancient time Mexico said to draw out the very essence of the person who wields it. This sword can launch the energies of the wielder. (Unbreakable.)

Believe that any thing you Imagine. You can make it Real

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