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The character shop.

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The character shop.

Post by Captain Jack on Sun Jul 12, 2009 9:18 pm

Here you can buy special characters. but at a great price is the power you seek. for you become the person forever. so choose wisely.



Tifa is 5'4" with long hair reaching down past her waist and tied at the end in a distinctive dolphin-tail split. In most of her appearances, Tifa's hair is black, but in some concept art it has been deep brown instead. Tifa's eyes are officially addressed as brown, but they have also been depicted as red in some appearances, and she wears white tear-drop earrings. She wears a sleeveless white shirt that bares her stomach with a short black miniskirt and a pair of black suspenders.
Tifa is a Monk, and thus has high physical stats and equips Claw and Glove type weapons. However, stat differences in Final Fantasy VII are unnoticeable for most characters. Only a handful of Tifa's gloves have higher-than-average strength, but the two that do are exceptional. One, the God's Hand, has 255% accuracy, meaning Tifa will never miss, and the other is her strongest weapon, the Premium Heart, which grows stronger as Tifa's Limit Break gauge fills. Both of these weapons also boost her magic power. Also notable is the Master Fist, which does not have a particularly powerful strength rating, but which gets significantly more powerful for each status effect Tifa is under while it is equipped, and even outclasses several final weapons if Tifa has numerous ailments afflicting her.

Beat Rush
Dolphin Blow
Final Heaven

An arrogant swordsman at first, Cloud must come to terms with the fact his memories are false and rediscover who he truly is. In a theme that has carried over to many of his other appearances since Final Fantasy VII, Cloud attempts to leave his dark and tortured past behind. His archrival Sephiroth, having killed many of Cloud's friends, is the metaphorical embodiment of Cloud's dark memories, and the two have done battle several times to finish their conflict.


Cloud wields various broadswords and katana in battle, including the joke weapon Nail Bat and the iconic Buster Sword. His stats are well-balanced both physically and magically but he is best put in the front row to ensure solid attack power, though he can also be a great mage too. His Limit Breaks are the strongest in the game, but Cloud also learns them slower than anyone else. Cloud's stronger weapons include the Ultima Weapon, the strongest Base Attack stat weapon in the game, with 100, that grows stronger as Cloud has more HP, and the Apocalypse, one of only two equipment pieces in the game to give Triple Materia Growth


Finishing Touch



AND MANY MORE Coming soon

12,000 gil each First Come First serve.
Only one person can purchase a character and claim it as theirs.

Upon purchasing a character your original character will be transformed into the character of which you have chosen FOREVER. you can only buy from this shop once. and effects are Permanent.

Believe that any thing you Imagine. You can make it Real

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