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Orion Silvertide [Werewolf]

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Orion Silvertide [Werewolf]

Post by Xeon on Mon Jun 15, 2009 3:16 pm

Name: Orion Silvertide

Age: 311


Orions appearance is that of a battle hardened werewolve with countless scars from countless battles over the three century or so life hes had, multiple patches of fur are permanently missing due to deep scars forming over the areas exposing mottled pink flesh.
His eyes are a dull crimson with a glazed effect covering them.
His features are a mass of wolf like features with large sharp teeth and large clawed hands, but with the bone structure of a man allowing him to stand upright on his hind legs.
He also has a streak of dark brown fur running from around his abdomen that twists around his back and up around his neck til it reaches the centre of the top of his head.

300 Or So Years Ago...

Orion was a lonely child as for at birth both his parents where mysteriously killed by an unknown creature that left Orion alone in the world with nothing but a mouthful of blood and
a deep crescent shaped gash on his chest.

At the age of nine he snuck into a mansions kitched where he was caught and the owning family seeing how frail looking he was decided to raise him as one of their own. From then on until the age of thirteen he lived a life filled with anything he could ever wish for....

That was until the day his transformation into a creature of the night began. Orion first noticed something was wrong when he went to pull open his window and he pulled it clean off its hinges, he quickly placed it down and ran over to his mirror where he saw that he had became hairier and that his hands where elongating and become more and more claw like as he watched them.

As he watched his hands he became aware of larger teeth at each corner of his mouth, he suddenly began yelping in pain as he collapsed to the floor as the feeling of something like bones breaking and healing at almost the same time began happening to him.

The pain was so intense that Orion blacked out until he awoke as the creature he is today, he was laying in a pool of blood in the entrance lobby of the mansion covered in the already congealed blood of his 'parents'. Orion looked around him and saw the roughly dismembered bodies of them lying on the cold marble flooring in pools of their own blood.

Orion looked at the floor in shame at what he had done and began to howl out in shame and anger, Orion bounded to the doors and broke through them with one fell swoop of his clawed hands, he climbed the outside of the mansion to the top of the clock tower where he sat in the light of the moon which illuminated the crimson tints nestled amongst the silvery white of his fur.

10 Years Later...

Orion became able to control his hunger by picking off travellers that were either in pairs or in unarmed or lightly armed groups, he also began to work for the werewolf high council but with less than satisfactory respect for his doings for the council he began to create problems for the council.

To Present Time...

Orion had been working for the W.H.C the past three centuries or so and had grown tired of his mistreatment at the hands of the noble werewolves and so on the anniversary day of his transformation set out in search of a vampire who could get in touch with some others to help excute the one werewolf who had been responsible for the whole series of mistreatment events that had happened to Orion since he had joined the WHC all that time ago....
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