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Syntrax.. Paladin BIo

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Syntrax.. Paladin BIo

Post by Tempest Wind on Thu Jun 11, 2009 7:26 pm


Rank: Paladine

Apperance: Compared to what he looked like when he had a heart, Syntrax comes at the height in which he stands is a brilliant five foot, ten inches. Yeah it may seem he is not short, but not is he tall; his height is perfect for his build, and his weight. He weighs at an astonishing two hundred forty-five pounds, and he has a build slightly above average, but not so muscular in which it will slow him down. Now that the simple parts of Syntrax’s appearance is out of the way; I do believe it is time to get down to his other features; Syntrax’s hair color is not so rare, actually his hair color is not like the other members of the Organization XV, his hair is the color of sand, but slightly different. With sand being the color of a light brown, Syntrax;s hair is kind of a light tan color, but with a darker tone. The eyes of Syntrax is rather strange, one eye is blood red, and the other can differ from either dark blue, or light black, His eyes are certainly a rare case. His skin is sort of a light tan to a medium brown.

Weakness: He might have immense speed, and strength, but his defense is not the best.

History:TO BE ADDED!!!!
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