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FF IV Game Reviews!

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FF IV Game Reviews!

Post by Gerbuldian on Thu Mar 12, 2009 12:12 pm

Post your game reviews for FF IV Here!

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Re: FF IV Game Reviews!

Post by Guest on Sun Mar 15, 2009 3:00 pm

I really enjoy this game.

I have it on the PS1 and was hooked to the great storyline, the game play and the characters...

I got the DS remake and was once again reminded of all the things that I love about the game. And to make things better the DS Remake has enhanced graphics (unlike the PS1 version) and an amazing voice cast including actors who have voiced other gaming characters.

The remake also see a new summon in the form of Whyt who brings new mini games to the game that allow you to boost his stats by completing these games.

Namingway is back and you see him more throughout the adventure.

I would highy rate this game as one of my all time favourites!!! The game is so old but it is certainly not dated!!!

Bring on DS remakes of V and VI I say and lets see the same enhancements be put into them!!!


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Re: FF IV Game Reviews!

Post by Harin on Sat Jan 30, 2010 12:27 am

bump and revive
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Re: FF IV Game Reviews!

Post by Juss on Sun Jul 04, 2010 11:36 pm

FF IV, one of the most loved Final Fantasy games. And to be honest, it's worth every bit of love it gets.

I first completed the game on PSX. The first thing I noticed was the amazing crew. What's more awesome than a dark knight as a main party member. And a bloody awesome looking dragoon. But that wasn't all. The story line drew me to itself from the very first minutes. Dark, twisted and full of betrayal. And the music Smile Who doesn't like the theme of love.
The game went on and I started to love it more and more. The gameplay as good as in most Final Fantasies, the characters awesome and the skills lovely. And then I met the bard ... gosh he pissed me off.
Anyway, the game was heaps of fun. Challenging boss fights, nice areas and sweet plot made it one of my favorite Final Fantasies.

Years and years later, I decided to get the DS version. And gosh, it was worth every penny. Neat 3D graphics, voice-acting and new minigames. Wohoo!
Seriously, the mini games they added were absolutely necessary. I have always thought that you need a way to spend time in the world of Final Fantasies other than battling monsters. Whyt's stuff made a good use of DS's touch screen and were a great challenge. And of course Namingway/Hemingway etc. minigame.

So in the end, FF IV is an amazing game. It doesn't matter which version you got as all of them are fun. Although, if you want the best experience, DS's version will serve you well.
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Re: FF IV Game Reviews!

Post by Sponsored content

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