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The hidden paradise - Desir! [ Closed]

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The hidden paradise - Desir! [ Closed]

Post by Juss on Tue Jun 09, 2009 3:29 am

Voices heard everywhere, yet nothing is ever seen. In a deep and thick forest, hundreds of miles away from nearest cities lays one of the greatest societies of humans, the Hidden Village of Assassin's. Of course, that's not the official name of the village. Officially it's called as Desir. The first signs of the village might be seen more than 10 miles away from it, as the forest is filled with patrols who all ensure that the village isn't overrun by their enemies. Next signs might be heard around 1 mile away from Desir, as the townpeople isn't afraid to talk loudly. Progress another half mile towards it and you may notice hidden roads which all lead to Desir. Following those roads would be the smartest thing to do as there are traps everywhere else. And suddenly you will be shocked. The aura of dark and lonely forest will be forgotten and huge, more than 4 meters high stone walls will welcome you. If you followed a road, there will be a gate as well in front of you. If it's open, consider yourself as a lucky one. If not, you have to wait until morning when it's reopened. 4 guards will be waiting for you there, always. They will search you trough, confiscate all your weapons, and then lead you to the village, in case when the gate was open. Or is it a village? The moment you pass the gate, you find yourself in a fantastic city, in a city where the cultures have mixed and where people seem happy. There are stone roads, making it comfortable to move. Counter tables are everywhere, where you look. And it's really populated - women, children, men, soldiers, guards, bandits, assassins, rich men and beggars. There are hundreds of stone buildings and dozens of watch-towers, each of them is beautified and decorated. You may recognize Japanese architecture, Middle-East architecture, ancient Greece and Rome architecture and many others. Continue your journey and you will certainly notice many inns. If you wish, you can check yourself in one of those, but be sure to choose carefully, as some of them are not that comfortable. Getting lost in Desir isn't possible, as where ever you are, you will notice a tower in the middle of city, higher than any other building by reaching 70 meters. But how is it possible you didn't notice any of those buildings from the forest? The answer is simple, the assassins have used mages help to cast a magical barrier around the city which makes everything invisible if watched from outside. The closer you get to the tower, the more you will notice different guild halls. The town is filled with different guilds like fighters guild, mages guild, samurai academies, assassins guilds, merchant guilds etc. And all of them are controlled by the ultimate source of power in Desir. The Order of Black Hand. Only high ranked members of guilds know the existence of that order, order which secretly is being lead by Ryoko Kuroshiro. For citizens, Ryoko Kuroshiro is the leader of Assassin's guild, which hires assassins from all around the world and gives jobs to them. Surprisingly, 75% of citizens are part of the guilds. Others are beggars or rich men who have escaped from the outside world. Anyway, once you make your way towards the tower, you will notice a big palace on right. Yes, that's the home of Assassin's Guild, one of the most respected guilds in Desir. If you are looking for a dirty job, enter the Assassin's guild, if not, enter a building near a huge well, called Business House. All guilds report to the business house if they have any jobs to offer, but don't be so sure that you will get a job, there are dozens of others who wish the same.

NB! This is just the basic description of Desir. The city has 5 parts for which I will create different threads where you can post Wink

EDIT: Please move this thread to the subforum Black Hand Society Smile
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