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The Warriors

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The Warriors

Post by Captain Jack on Sat Jun 06, 2009 4:00 pm

Warriors -

Warriors are the most popular and widely spread class of humans during the time of chaos. Basically, they are the masters of weapons and tools, also their styles vary more than for other classes. Warriors have no typical personality nor morale. That's the exact reason why warriors have a unique rank system like no other class has.

There are 4 main warrior types which each has a different rank tree. While creating a warrior, you must choose one of the following: Knight, Hunter, Bandit, Soldier.

In the beginning, each warrior has three perks/ abilities:

Weapon mastery: The warrior is able to wear and use a sword or a different kind of weapon like a bow or spear (Only one weapon at the beginning).

Combat medicine: Each warrior knows the basics of healing. This means they know which drugs and medicines work best for what situation.

Improved strength: Every warrior has a bit bigger strength than a normal human, no matter what way they are living.


Now to more details, The Knight . The knights are the most respected out of all warriors and they are living by the code of honor.

Knight rank tree ( each rank grants one ability).

4 Student - Reaching the rank of knight is hard and takes time. That why many of knights are still thought as students. They are very common and some of them never reach higher ranks.

Additional Strength: A knight is even more powerful in terms of raw power than other types of warriors.

3 Knight - An accepted knight. The most common of knights who respects the code of honor. Knights tend to wear special knight heavy armors and most of them are members of knight orders. Some of them also work as bodyguards. They are powerful, brave and honest.

Good reputation: Reaching the rank of knight grants you good reputation everywhere. This means that people might close their eyes when they see you committing crimes, they offer you better goods and may give you a free spot in inns.

2 Crusader/ Elite Knight - Crusader and Elite knights are the absolute elite of warriors. Only few reach that high ranks. Crusaders are the most holy knights who are extremely effective against vampires and other dark beings. In the same time, Elite Knights are the rich land owners who are not as experienced as crusaders, yet they can easily command armies of students and normal knights. So their power relies in the masses.

Holy light - A crusader can summon holy light from the bottom of their heart. Their body sends outs dozens of light waves that can harm vampires and everything else undead.

Leadership - Elite knights have natural talent in commanding armies. If one reaches the rank of Elite knight, he will automatically gain 10 knights as his bodyguards.

1 Grandmaster of Crusader Order / Grandmaster of Knight Order - The leaders of Knights. They command and rule the knight orders which are respected and feared by everyone.

Holy Cross - A grandmaster of Crusader Order is able to slash crosses of pure light that do extreme damage to vampires and other undead beings.

Battle rage - A grandmaster of Knight Order is able to turn in to controlled battle rage, in which his speed triples and his strength doubles.


The rank tree of Hunters - Hunters are the free roamers of the world. There are two types of hunters (1) and (2), one that relies on their bow and other that relies on both, bow and sword. They are also very common and most of them are part of different hunter clans.

4 (1) Archer - Archers are the users of bows. While they know how to use a dagger in close range, they shine in long range battles.

Sharp eye - Archers have improved senses. They see longer and hear better. This grants them more accurate shots.

3 (1) Rogue - The more advanced archers who are capable at using short swords, yet are twice as good with bows as normal archers.

The sense of nature - Rogues truly shine in nature and open spaces. They know how to hid in forests and from where to shoot their enemies.

2 (1) Veteran Rogue - A veteran rogue is not just a good bow user, but a fantastic fighter with sword and a god behind the bow.

Scatter shot - They are able to shoot 5 arrows in the same time with 99% of accuracy. All the arrows have improved ability to pierce trough armor or skin.

4 (2) Hunter - Hunter is the balanced archer who knows how to use a bow, yet in the same time is average with a sword or a spear.

Throwing spear - A hunter is extremely good at throwing spears, daggers and small axes.

3 (2) Elite Hunter - An elite hunter is far more superior to a normal hunter. His agility is boosted naturally and he is one with the nature. Almost never he loses the trace of his prey.

2 (2) Shadow of nature - The only type of warrior that is similar to a ninja. They are masters of camouflage while they are very good at swordfighting and yet are as accurate as a rogue with a bow.

1 (1)(2) Clan master - Each rogue clan has their master who has mastered both ways of fighting, long and close.

Extreme agility - Clan masters speed is 3 times as huge as normal humans. Also their reflexes are a lot faster than normal humans, making them equal with many werewolves and vampires.

One shot - A clan master is able to slaughter most of their enemies with a single arrow. ( Can be used only against NPC's)


Pirates - Bandits are the hated warriors. Thugs, thieves and highjackers. They tend to be parts of their own societies.

4 Thug - A thug is nothing more than a mere thief who knows how to handle a dagger and mouth.

Bad Reputation - Bad reputation follows a thug to everywhere. Yet it grants him respect in the underworld and places like bars.

Poison user - Every pirate knows how to make his weapon more deadly with the aid of poison.

3 Bandit - Bandits are part of organized criminal societies. They work either on land or on seas and steal everything that is available. Most of them are very good sword users.

Weapon mastery - Bandits know how to use their weapons and tools. Even while they are not heavily armored, they are feared by many due to their high agility and style of killing.

2 Pirate - Pirates are the true thieves and assassins. Many of them work on their own, while those who don't, are the commanders of big groups that follow their lead, as long as there is not a superior around.

Berserker rage - They lose their patience, and you lose your life. Their berserker rage is most likely the strongest and most powerful. Giving them 4 times speed boost and 4 times strength boost, they outmatch a crusader with ease.

1 Captain - A captain is the most respected man in the underworld of thieves. They are not only afraid because of their amazing fighting capabilities, but also because of their deadly friends.

Huge reputation - No guard is brave enough to mess with him and most of corrupted humans serve them. No pirate is brave enough to stand against him.

Flash-step - A Captain is able to use 10 times in a row a flash-step, to escape or slaughter without wasting his endurance.


Soldier - Soldiers are the normal warriors. They work as guards, bodyguards or as soldiers in the war.

4 Guard - A guard serves his duty well. They know how to use weapons and know how to make sure that everyone follow laws.

Improved endurance - A guards endurance is twice as high as normal humans. They can outlast many enemies.

3 (1) Elite Guard - An elite guard is far more superior to the normal guard. They are respected in cities and also have more important locations to protect. Most of them are used in war as officers.

Master of Endurance - An elite guard is the true tank. He can take three times as many hits as other humans. Also his natural regeneration is higher than normal humans, but only a bit.

3 (2) Bodyguard - While not being as powerful defenders as elite guards, bodyguards are a lot faster and more agile. Which means they can get rid of enemies twice as fast.

Master of weapons - Bodyguards know how to use swords or other kind of weapons (besides bows) better than any other of soldiers. They are fast and agile, and extremely dangerous against everyone.

2 (1) (2) Officer An officer commands even more troops than a single elite knight.

Whistle of aid - A single whistle and every guard in the area of 2 miles hurries to save the officer. Officers have huge power over other soldiers. They are also respected within townpeople.

1 General - Probably the most respected out of warriors. A general rules the armies of whole countries. And their fighting capabilities are very high.

Power over humans - They got power over 90% of humans they meet. Also, a general can recruit 10 bodyguards for free.

Battle Horn- A general can blow a horn to boost the moral of his troops.


The warriors have abilities to buy bodyguards for them. For that they must be at least at the warrior rank of 2 of one rank tree. Each bodyguard works as a boost to your power. The owner of bodyguards has total control over them, but doesn't have to worry about them outside the battles.

Each bodyguard costs 200 points. ( So what ya think about the bodyguard function? That way many warriors could start living as big mansion owners and generals. Think of the conflicts between different generals and things Very Happy Also they could save many from the vampires).

(written by Juss Thx jusser)

Bio Form

Rank:to be given
Section:(what warrior are you)

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Re: The Warriors

Post by Juss on Sat Jul 18, 2009 3:12 am

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