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General Questions that are Asked

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General Questions that are Asked

Post by Guest on Fri Jun 05, 2009 10:30 pm

*What is the Altered Egos RP you ask.

Well its what I like to call a free RP you and fellow members will be allowed to write your own story and history.

*How can this be there are no thread signups or posted plotlines?

See this is the best part. Why would you want to tell a story if everyone knows how its going to end?? In A.E you follow a very General Plotline, From which you build upon your characters history present or even Future.

*Eh? What about other members how do they factor in?

They are your fellow actors/actresses Think of your self as a director of your own play.
And each of your characters plays a part. Say you want to have a love triangle between a vampire a werewolf and a human. First write A thread setting up the General backstory. You can manipulate Non members around you until you get people to join.


[Jack] A strange horney lady {open}

There sat Jack, in the pub drinking his past away. As he sipped on his drink his mid began to wonder back to the time he sat in this very seat. When a lady walked up and introduced herself “hi, Im Jane.” Said the woman sweatly in Jacks ear, “Go away,” muttered Jack as he looked at her. “Whats the matter big boy don’t wanna play? She continued saying sweetly into his ear.

*How do you get people to Join?

The classified ads DUH. You post a wanted ad.


[wanted] {Jacks storyline}

I need a Vampire and a werewolf for a love triangle thread Please PM me For Plot info

MSN (preferred)

*you are the author of your own story. Say you want to tell a monologue of your past. But you don’t want anyone to join in
Simply put

[Closed] in your thread title if you don’t want any outside effectors to join in on the story. Usually Plots that have been made to tell a key part of your characters story.

[Open] Means anyone can join in and effect the plotline

make sure you put your characters name in the Title as well

so it should look like this

[Jack] The haunted stairwell [closed]

Or if is a collaboration between two characters Key Parts you can put

[Jack and Jane] The wedding {Open} or {closed}

Or if making a group Key Part

[Group] The war {closed} or {open}


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