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Post by Captain Jack on Thu Jun 04, 2009 11:31 pm


Description: In their human form they appear normal, in the wolf form their eyes are silver, and their fur is generally the same as their hair colour. A tall human will generally be a large wolf, a short one will be a small wolf.

Age: 16-about 250

Heightened senses
Quick Healing
Wolf Instincts
Can transform at Will

Wolf instincts can become uncontrolable
Silver is Highly Potent
Compulsive change at every full moon.

Werewolves are created when a human is bitten or can be born with one or two werewolf parents. Changing a PC to a were wolf follows the same guidlines as Vampire transformations. If a child is born to were wolves they change at puberty. If a human, no matter what age, is bitten they will change at the next full moon or they won't change at all.

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