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shadow of Sinnoh -Sign up and discussion thread-

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shadow of Sinnoh -Sign up and discussion thread-

Post by Tidus on Mon Jun 01, 2009 7:41 am

A Pokemon RP

It has been over 100
years since team Galactic had disbanded, defeated when they were trying to use
the three legendary Pokemon, to create a new universe in which to live. A new
threat has orison in the sinnoh region, this threat is in the form of the
shadow servants, men and women who follow an enigmatic man, known only as the
shadow lord. Focussing on world domination. The shadow lord has only been seen
by the elite four, who he defeated with great ease.

The shadow lords
generals have defeated all of the gym leaders of the sinnoh region with ease
and are gloating that there is no pokemon trainer in the world with the ability
to defeat the great power that is the shadow servants.

There is a small group
of pokemon trainers who are training in secret in order to beat the evil shadow
servants. This group of trainers calls themselves the hope of sinnoh.

The new pokemon
professor, Professor pine, is a fan of
the work of the great professor Rowan, and is still handing out the same three
pokemon to new trainers, Piplup, chimchar and turtwig, which did you choose?


Shall you be a member
of the shadow servants?

Shall you be a member
of the Hope of Sinnoh?

Or are you a rookie
trainer? Just setting out on your journey in Sinnoh unaware of what dangers
await you.

This is an open Rp
where you travel through the world of sinnoh, you may encounter trainers from
either ‘side’ and battle them, you can challenge gym leaders and battle and
catch wild pokemon.

Character template:

Name: your name?

Age: how old are you?

Gender: male or

Appearence: what do
you look like?

Experience: new
trainer or experienced trainer?

Badges: which pokemon
gym badges have you collected?

Party pokemon: what
pokemon are in your party?

Reason for being a
trainer: why are you a trainer?

History: how did you
get where you are today?
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