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Battle For Wract OCC & Sign Up Thread

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Battle For Wract OCC & Sign Up Thread

Post by Tempest Wind on Thu Apr 16, 2009 10:17 pm

The continent of Wract was once a beautiful and bountiful land, with green fields stretching for miles and, clear blue skies, lakes and oceans accompanying it in turn. As of now, only a small part of this once prosperous land remains, between the two rivalry races that govern not only the continent, but the whole planet. The two races are known as the Knox and the Megedra. To understand these two great empires, you would need to know about their history, stretching back to when the land was once green. Both were originally one great race and lived in the middle part of the great continent many millennia ago. After some time, the people became quite skilled in various ideals. Some were able to train the tiny amount of magical power they had to become much stronger, while others chose to drop this ability and began pushing their skills into developing complex machinery. Both of these sides soon came to head on collision, on which side everyone should take for them to progress as a people. This conflict never finished or even subsided as after some major event, the race was suddenly split in two, with the ones working with technology moving to the farthest right side of the continent, with the ones believing magic was the way moving to the farthest left side of the continent. A few, believing that neither side was right, chose to stay were they had always lived, and so took to the mountains close to their home, and began befriending the many creatures that lived there.

Many millennia later, as the land of Wract is split into two main empires. That of the Knox/ Mystics, who are descended from those who believed magical power was the way, and the Megedra/ Imperials, who evolved from those who relied on technology to advance. The other race that left to remain with nature, haven’t been heard from much over the time of the two empires starting. Though there has been an odd time, when stories of people have being sighted with the strange wild creatures that live in the forests and mountains. Though, most normal people never actually witness them, only hearing them through tales. Both great empires are at what could be called a standstill. While both sides absolutely hate the other, neither will actually attack, for fear of the destruction that would be caused from it.

The Yuna Clan-

Information and past:

Ancient creatures, said to be departed from the main group of the mystic, the clan which gathered together in order to preserve the ancient worship and believes of their goddess, Fiona and Fara, the twin birds of fire and wind, closed itself from the outside world in order to keep the people away from interfering with the humans and suffering from their foolish wars.

However wars appeared to grow stronger, eventually entering the territory of flora of the Yuna's and destroying it. In order to try and save what was left of their homes, some Yuna left their isolated forests and bound themselves to one side of the combat forces in order to give one nation a victory and establish a new order of peace.

Yet, the humans proved themselves to be unworthy of their aid, right when the war ended. The humans feared the powers of their new comrades and decided to banish them away from their lands. The exiled Yuna, no longer welcome in their own lands nor with their humans withdrew to the far mountain lands.

Yuna of the forest:

The leftovers of the people from the forest, those who chose not to fight alongside the humans. This ancient closed group keeps the ways of the holy goddess of wind, the wind bird Fiona. They are able to use some strange stones, called the “winds stones”, in order to enlarge the small wings upon their back and use the element of wind in battles. However without the stones, they are rather weak in terms of physical strength. The “Forest Yuna” are very wise and all are born with silver/ yellow hair and blue/ green eyes. Some of them are able to use their minds to attack, for example they can smash small objects or even push away enemies from them. They are great hunters and are very quick

Yuna of the Mountains:

After the forced exile by the humans, these survivors of the forest turned to drop their old religions and got a hold of what they learn from the humans, which was to increase their powers. Their body will never be able to harness the power of the wind stones, but they couldn't care less for that. They stopped being weak and grew to be blood thirsty savages and use the power of the flames. Because of their rage, their hair color grew to be darker, like red, brown or black while their eyes turned to be void of darkness. They have great skills as assassins and have trained their eyes to see better even at nights or at a far away distance.

K'da clan

-They are also known as the high ranked mystic clan or the dragon clan. Their original god guardian was Drac the black dragon, but since he wasn't strong enough to fight his own enemy god and needed to join forces with another god to fight the clan dropped their religion of him and turned to worship a new deity known as the death bringer dragon Ark. Yet this god couldn't be pleased. He wished nothing more then to see his clan destroying the world, killing as much as they could. He hated the other races, but more of all he hated the wyverns, for being sub category of the powerful dragon. For that reason he wanted to kill them the most. The clan, fearing that they have might gone too far, sealed the god within a cave after turning him into a stone.

When Ganus rose in power he decided to take over the powerful races, but when he was sealed, those who were under his control were sealed with him. Along with the Saefil, the K'da were also sealed, aside from Ark and the boy who Ark's spirit tried to possess. Since the Wyvern are fighting against Ganus, and Ganus controlled the K'da, Ark's hatred for the clan of the Wyverns were only increased, and should he arose back to surface he might want to kill again.

Armies and fighting forces:

The order of Luminus-Demon Hunters guild

Ice Soldiers-The IS aren't exactly a clan, they are a paramilitary force created to protect the land of Kerna from its enemies, the IS are well trained human soldiers, adepts on hand-to-hand combat, using their trademark weapon, multifunctional swords called dragon-fangs. They are also trained to move and operate on hostile landscapes since they come from a northern country.

The Roznars-another military group, well trained in hand to hand combat, unlike the Ice Soldiers, The Roznars can't use magic. Like the Ice Soldiers, they have a sign weapon, a Katana like sword, great for close combat. The Roznars have a red/white uniform great for hostile skirmishes.

The Roznars had lately developed a project to create enhanced soldiers to improve their defense lines, this project is called ULTIMATE and the first stage now's finished with one super soldier as product.

K'da fortress:

K'da Demon forces:

The highest level demon creature on the K'das side

This creature is know as Sergon-Herzano has the power of necromancey, which means it can revive dead souls and manipulate toxin and other dangerous elements in that catagory. the secret to its power is the littls being that is next to it, that is what is called a shadow being, which is in control of Sergon-Herzano's powers, until the time that he loses all aspect of control and Sergon-Herzano goes beserk and revives as many souls as he wants

Dragon god of K'Da:

The K'Da god :
Arkodin-Ganus is only a myth never actually was revealed, but it is told in legends that once appeared that the K'da would be unstopable, and the only way to summon Arkodin-Ganusis to sacrifice 10,000 K'da soldiers in return the ultimate destruction, but it is a very low chance since it is so powerful with the ability to summon thousands of minons that can combine to create the destruction of wract.

Yuna heavenly Castle:

Yuna Dragon-Humanoid god:

The humanoid dragon god of the Yuna clan goes by many names but the main name that every Yuna knows his name is Kagu-Tsuchi. Being a fire dragon god, he has trendious power, control and all aspects of fire. His main problem is summoning him, doing a ritual called the Suraku-Danaka. This ritual is very prestegious and has been a ritual to summon him for ages, but it is forbidden because it always takes a life of a Yuna, a very strong one at that. But when it is summoned there is a massive wave of fire heat released, and when it is released Kagu-Tsuchi gets the power that equal to the K'da god. The main power that is hidden within Kagu-Tsuchi is an un-immagiable power to call forth the power of Wract's core and make gashers of lava pop out of the ground. and if Kagu gets angry it will call upon the volcanos to erupt massivly destroying anything in the path making it a dragon god that wont want to be messed with.

Lespada the capitol of the armed forces:


This city is known as the Destructive path city or known as Dannoso Sistema, where most battles take place and this city is hiding a very nasty secret deep within the soil, lays a terrible monster just waiting for the right amount of souls to be revived. the monster is not yet to be revealed, but legends tell that this monster is by far the most terrifying creature to ever walk the on the face of Wract. The only way to defeat it is to destroy the city in which it is burried under. with that and this terrible monster will never be revealed, but even leave one building standing and the monster will rise and cause an unspeakable amount of damage. Told by the former leader of the Armed forces. "This monster holds the power to destroy 100,000 men with one blast. But the only way for it to be at full strength is to gain the power of all 8 elements...Light, Darkness, necromancy, Ice, Lightning, Fire, water, and Earth. but in order to do that the creature must face all gods of all 8 courners of Wract. 


1. No power playing; this means no making your actions in the rp so unforgivable which causes the other persons character almost useless in that situation.
2. No god modeling; No killing off other people’s character’s without both their and my permission and must give proof and a reason for it.
3. No spamming: In the sake for the honor of the rp please don’t spam. That means if I post the actual rp in the Orignial section don’t automatically include yourself in the temp first then wait to get accepted.
4. Be literate; Use proper grammar. Like complete sentences and such things like that.
5. Most of all have fun: If you don’t have fun then its too serious all the time so enjoy your self when taking part of this rp.

Bio: (don’t have to be a book, just 1 or more paragraph, I prefer 2 at least
Personality(at least 1 paragraph )
Abilities/skills: (Anything that makes your chjaracter unique like magic, any kinds of moves that you find fit for your guy}
Mega shot move: this section of the temp is a must have or you no accepted or wont be offically accepted, just have a uber powerful move no length required just be sure that if you decide to use it in the rp your whole energy source is completely drained, no acceptions.
Theme song: (Required)
Battle song: (required)
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