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Bests and Worsts Thread

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Bests and Worsts Thread

Post by Link on Wed Mar 11, 2009 11:42 pm


Favorite Character:
Favorite Male Character:
Favorite Female Character:
Favorite NPC:
Favorite Guest Character:
Favorite Race:
Favorite Judge:
Favorite Weapon:
Favourite Equipment:
Favorite Magic:
Favorite Technick:
Favorite Gambit:
Favorite Quickening:
Favorite Esper:
Favorite Hunt:
Favorite Monsters:
Favorite Marks:
Favorite Villain:
Favorite Airship:
Favorite Place:
Favorite Area:
Favorite Music:
Favorite Cutscene:
Favorite FMV:

Worst Character:
Worst Male Character:
Worst Female Character:
Worst NPC:
Worst Guest Character:
Worst Race:
Worst Judge:
Worst Weapon:
Worst Equipment:
Worst Magic:
Worst Technick:
Worst Gambit:
Worst Quickening:
Worst Esper:
Worst Hunt:
Worst Monsters:
Worst Marks:
Worst Villain:
Worst Airship:
Worst Place:
Worst Area:
Worst Music:
Worst Cutscene:
Worst FMV:


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Re: Bests and Worsts Thread

Post by Tidus on Mon Mar 16, 2009 3:36 am

Favorite Character: Basch
Favorite Male Character: Basch
Favorite Female Character: Ashe
Favorite NPC: Judge zaargabath
Favorite Guest Character: reddas
Favorite Race: Hume
Favorite Judge: Zaargabath
Favorite Weapon: Treaty blade
Favourite Equipment: Genji gear
Favorite Magic: Scathe
Favorite Technick: Telekinesis
Favorite Gambit: Ally Basch
Favorite Quickening: Fulminating Darkness
Favorite Esper: Zeromus
Favorite Hunt: Rigue tomato
Favorite Monsters: Wild Sauran
Favorite Marks: Gilgamesh
Favorite Villain: Gabranth
Favorite Airship: Strahl
Favorite Place: Bherjeba
Favorite Area: Sand sea
Favorite Music:
Favorite Cutscene:
Favorite FMV: Reddas' Death

Worst Character: Vaan
Worst Male Character: Vaan
Worst Female Character: Panelo
Worst NPC: Mountblanc
Worst Guest Character: Vossler
Worst Race: seeQ
Worst Judge: Ghis
Worst Weapon: Any hand bomb, Didn't like them at all
Worst Equipment: most light armour/ mystic armour
Worst Magic: most time magic
Worst Technick: Didn't use them all
Worst Gambit:
Worst Quickening: all of Vaans
Worst Esper: Shemhazi
Worst Hunt: Gilgamesh (he just wouldn't die i love the mark for it, but hate the hunt)
Worst Monsters: cactuars (to cute to kill)
Worst Marks:
Worst Villain: vayne
Worst Airship: SFB
Worst Place: Rabenastre
Worst Area: cerrobi strepe
Worst Music:
Worst Cutscene:
Worst FMV:
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Re: Bests and Worsts Thread

Post by Harin on Sat Jan 30, 2010 8:11 am

bump and revive
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Re: Bests and Worsts Thread

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