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Game Reviews!

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Game Reviews!

Post by Link on Wed Mar 11, 2009 11:33 pm

Did you just beat FFX?
Tell us what you thought of the entire game here and here alone!

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Re: Game Reviews!

Post by Guest on Sun Mar 15, 2009 3:21 pm

Ok my thoughts on this game?

Before even playing this game... "Well it can't be as bad as the last Final Fantasy I played..." Yeah I didn't play them in order I played... FFVII then FFIX then FFVIII and then FFX

Ok so there's a few characters all are really good, and they start off having unique abilities... but that gets thrown out of the window by the end when everyone becomes as good as each other! Especially since they all learn the same stuff.

The Game play is really good, I like the idea of changing characters mid battle so if at the beginning you are in need of a some magical assistance, you can bring in your summoner or mage to help out and then send them off again once they are done.

Aeons, ok so we get the traditional summons and you can actually fight as them too! Added bonus!!!

Storyline, this was ok not the best but it was good.

Battle System... character switching is very useful!!! The Sphere Grid is a good system and allows a sort of scripted progression at the start of the game and then at the end you can just work on it in a lengthy fashion but the rewards are worth it.

I really liked this game overall, I liked the ultimate weapons system too... They also change strength depending on your current situation... weaken and strengthen and you gain and lose HP/MP

And you had to activiate them through items that are only obtained through mini games... Although there was one that was just ridiculously hard!!!

I really want to play Blitzball too!!!

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