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Ichi- Yamago

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Ichi- Yamago

Post by Tempest Wind on Sat Apr 11, 2009 3:21 am

Name: Ichi Yamago
Race: Human
Occupation: Paladin
Complexion; White
Elements : Earth and Lightning

Description: being at a height of 5’9 and being at a weight of 180 pounds. His body build is a little bizarre for being a paladin he should be a fit but not too muscular but he is a really buffed. He only has 2 tattoos on his entire body, one tattoo is on his neck going down to his mid chest which is a Red sword with Black Wings surrounded by a swarm of fire. And his other tattoo is on his lower leg of a heart in flames. Ichi he is a big fan of the colors of hell so he had one of his friends custom make his whole attire, which consists of a red shirt made out of the finest cotton that man can wear and he wears a black leather jacket with symbol on the back and his symbol is a sword with wings. He has his own hand picked pants that are the color of the night moon. Also a cyber arm in which he hand carved himself give him a better edge in battle.

Personality : Ichi is a fun-loving guy he can be around people a lot, but at times he can be a jackass but he does have a great sense of humor but that is what people expect to have a hero and a fun loving guy and a jackass all rolled up into one you get ichi-yama-go. But overall he is a great guy but when his loved ones or the people he is assigned to look after or protect he gets serious and makes sure he protects them at any cost even at the cost of his own life.

Tsukotaki:Prince of Persia: sword by ~Skipina on deviantART

Tsukotaki is the mighty sword of lightning, it comes with a mighty weight of 50lbs, its blade is made of the strongest steel known to mankind, the milt is so sturdy, not even a mighty earth dragon can damage it. The power from within the blade comes from Ichi’s own life energy, and his will. Without his willpower, the blade’s power is useless; thus making it just an ordinary blade. The markings on the blade make it unique in it’s own way. Those markings are actually personal tribal markings that were engraved by Ichi himself, although most find it un-necessary on it, they actually provide a special ability to the blade, the ability to generate many lightning based attacks. This includes lighning balls that randomly shoot out of the tip of the blade, and lightning bolts that are created in a manifested form when Tsukobaki is swung; either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. Also if given enough power; it is able to produce enough lightning to create the spirit form of a mighty lightning dragon that is only able to stay for 1 minute, so when it is the right time; the spirit goes forth to the opposing enemy to attack it; this blade is truly amazing.

The earth Gauntlets
Earth: just like in his powers, Ichi can use the mighty power of Earth as his own very weapon. This process is worked out by him impaling his hands firmly on the ground and his hands are suddenly covered with earth gauntlets . They cover his whole hand and go all the way up to his mid forearm. They have the power to fire small meteors at the opposing enemy’s, but their true power isn’t measured in attacks, but mostly physical strength. Like if an enemy is hit, then the result would be maximum to the opposing end of the Gauntlets. Cause of the strength and force behind each blow, the damage result of the attacks would be a never-ending onslaught. Thus the reason why the power of earth can also be used to be a weapon, in physical form.

History of ichiyamago‘s childhood 5-11: Ichi comes from a long line of paladin warriors, but he was separated by his parents at a young age and was taken in by a 35 year old warrior monk and the monk knew about the paladin backround of ichi so that is why he treated so harsh but that is what made ichi so strong later in his life.

History of ichiyamago;s teen hood 12-18: Having to run away at the age of 12 due to harsh treatment ichi went on his own and found shelter with a old paladin master and this master examines ichi and thinks he has potential to be the most powerful paladin in his generation so this old master known as regeakuso: thew paladin master of earth. So he teaches ichi 3 spells and 1 attack. At such a young age he learned 2 of the 3 spells and half way done his attack and he is 13 at this time. The spells he can use are Tremor, Earth Rainer, and Shock of impact.(note that those are the spells he can learn at first he has 1 more that he learns up to the present).Three years have past and he has once again bid farwell to another kind person who took him in and he spent the next two years training continuously without stopping and he actually got a lot stronger in the strength department. And now he begins the next chapter in his life..

History of Ichiyamago 18-present- since he is now an adult he travels alone in search of where his parents are and why they abandoned him and if they didn’t what happened to his parents all of the questions will be answered once he returns to the land he once came from. But as he is searching for these answers he comes across a strange young warrior that kind of looks like him in a way but he was told he was an only child. So he confronts this young man and says he hails from an unknown paladin kingdom that even he doesn’t know the name to, being angry ichi challenges this mysterious warrior to a fight and thus they are evenly matched and they find out that they were destined to find each other and the young warrior reveals his name, the young warrior says “Allow me to introduce myself I am Alchurlo Yamago” looking confused ichi asks” why do you have the same last name as me. Alchurlo replies “ I do not know I had that last name all my life so maybe it is destiny that we meet and also why we must travel together” so as many more questions appear to ichi and his new found companion they travel together to their homeland which all of their questions shall be answered. So it begins the tale of Ichiyamago and Alchurlo Yamago: the two Paladin warriors of Resakai. (which is the home of Kurosai Suroku and Kaidaku Suroku).

History of how ichiyamago got his cyber arm: Ichi lost his real left arm in an explosion so he was rushed to a local hospital and they could not repair his arm so instead they gave him the best mechanical arm in his diristriction of his age so after he was released he had some trouble controlling his arm so he had to take some medicine which made it a lot better and after 3 months of intence training he was able to control and use his cyber arm as he pleased. But he had to take it easy on times, due to him being only human with a robot part he had to be careful not to over do it.

Tremor: A spell in which ichi slams his hands which are next to each other on the ground and shouts tremor and a bunch of rocks come from above the ground.

Earth Rainer: A spell in which ichi can cal upon the earth gods and ask them to send meteors from the stars and fire them down at a high speed.

Shock of impact: A spell in which Ichi raises his cyber arm up into the air and a bunch of lightning comes to his cyber arm and show his powered up arm in a L for moments and clenches his fist in a tight grip and launches his spell with all his might.

Lightning: A spell of a medium ball of electricity that shocks the nearest enemy dealing medium damage.

Cyber Arm abilities:
Power Strike: This is the basic move of Ichi’s cyber arm in which he takes his arm and raises it to the air, and by surging his own lightning energy into the cybernetic functions of his arm; a surge of lightning makes it’s way to the fist of his Cyber arm, and then by jumping up in the air and forcefully punching the ground sending shockwaves through the ground and eventually hitting the opponent with a great deal of electric energy.

Metal punch: This is one of the basic moves that come in handy to Ichi. This move is the first skill that Ichi learned after he got his Cyber arm, actually it just came to pure logic. This is a simple attack in which ichi strikes the opponent 5-10 times in a row. However this does a great deal of energy drain upon Ichi. Using this move, Ichi is at risk of draining half of the energy he has in his arm, and that arm holds half of his energy.

Fighting Moves:

Gaia’s shake: a move in which the manifestation of ichi’s power is revealed to become in the form of a simple earthquake that can go to any length of strength just by a simple command. But with all that said there is one special part to this move that makes it called “Gaia’s Shake; the reason for this is because it’s a pure shake of raw power, with ichi raising his power to an extent, the force from his own raw power is compressed into a massive tremor that shakes the whole area that ichi and/or his opponent is in.. this may not cause external damage, but it will cause internal damage to his opponent. With the earthquake causing a shock and backlash through the opponent’s organs this will cause a continuous circulation of many damage to the vital organs of the opponent.

Shockwave Strike: This move has to be one of the most powerful moves ichi could do with out using his full power. The way this move is used, is that Ichi gathers most of the electricity power within his body to perform the first half of the most; which is to fire a series of lightning bolts up in the sky causing a massive thunderstorm. This thunderstorm will be now spread throughout the battleground, the earth will be shaking due to the fact of the lightning roaring down from the heavens, but what of ichi; how is he to continue his attack with this lightning striking down on the gaia we call the earth. Ichi is actually up in the heavens compressing his energy into small particles that go through a strange process from pure invisible energy; into fearsome lightning..

However when this lightning storm wares out; there is a different and more powerful force that creates itself in the aftermath of the lightning, a raging new power that surprisingly was the cause of the mighty lightning storm. This newfound power is actually an almost endless supply of electrician energy, like if you put ichi in the middle of a thunderstorm; he could turn that whole storm into his weapon. So basically in this stage, for only ten minutes the almost endless power of lightning is within ichi-yamago’s grasp.

After this stage, the energy left over is compressed into a mighty sphere lightning, and by simple reaching his hand out, the sphere is fired with immense speed and unreachable strength, destroying everything as it continue’s to the enemy. If it hit’s the enemy, then it will be catastrophic; miss and the area will be reduced to nothing more then a wasteland of rubbish.


Earth: The power of earth is meaning controlling the very aspect of the entire planet, or the science of the geographical natures of it. But for ichi controlling the power of earth is to even control the orbit and radaiation of all things earth, including tree growth, the amount and strength of the earthquakes, mudslides, and all aspects of mother earth., Basically the power of earth means ultimate control, but there are some defects in this. The unlimited supply of the earth’s power can only go to a point for a human. .this is why Ichi has limited his powers to the basics and some advanced forms of control over earth.

Lightning: Ah the power of lightning is a magnificent power indeed, controlling the power it beholds within. The amount of lightning used around planets, the amount compressed into electrical attacks, all of these forms of lightning is available in his grasp. From the healing form of Lightning, to the damage done by one strike of lightning. Truly this is a simple, but devastating power of Ichi’s. He is blessed majorly and cursed all at the same time
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