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The Island of the Big Big Event!

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The Island of the Big Big Event!

Post by Juss on Sat Apr 11, 2009 2:04 am

Welcome to the Island of the Big Big Event!

Everyone who likes to roleplay may join this. It's not a Rp, nor it is a RP Clan. It is the place where the two main RP Guilds, Guild of Mages and Atrus Animus Dolus meet each-other and have fun. Many fun events and tournaments will take place in here!

Theme: Final Fantasy combined with Hawaii style Very Happy

Location: The Island of Big Big Event!

The Beach - a happy and clear beach. It's filled with different huts and shops and babes. Also parties take place there.
The Hotel - The Hotel is a Hawaiian one. It's a relaxing and huge one. Everyone who are not part of any RP Clan, may sleep there.
The Mall - Well serious shopping takes place there Wink
The Huts - The beach is filled with those huts. There are witches, wizards and many other living in those huts. Be sure to check them out.
The Church of Big Banana Eater - People of Big Big Event Island bow to Big Banana Eater.
The forest - Many parties and events take place in the forests. But be warned, in the forest lies a powerful beast called Big Big Elephant.
The mansion of Guilds - This place is exlusive for RP Clan members. It is a luxury mansion and contains everything you wish. Also the Tournament between Clan chosen members will take place there Wink
The Bar/ Club! - Exactly next to the Hotel. It contains the biggest bar of the island as well the biggest and best club of the Island.

Rules: Have fun and be positive. Oh and no bio necessary. Just in first post try to describe your char a bit Wink

So join this up!

IC: Juss looked around him and saw the good old buildings and huts of Big Big Event Island. He smiled to Stephen and other guild members and walked directly towards the Hotel.

'' Who wants, may stay here. But you are allowed to live in the mansion as well!'' Juss told with happy voice and moved towards the bar of hotel.
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