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Game Reviews!

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Game Reviews!

Post by Link on Wed Mar 11, 2009 11:26 pm

Did you beat FFVIII? Tell us what you thought of the game here, do not make a new thread for it!

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Re: Game Reviews!

Post by Guest on Sun Mar 15, 2009 3:11 pm

Ok, the Eighth instalment of the series, what have we got instore for us on this adventure?

Ok the graphics are good, the characters have a great storyline behind them too. I like the storyline behind Edea and the sorceresses.

Triple Triad - Once I got the hang of the rules this was really addictive, like Tetra Master on FFIX I really enjoyed this mini game!

The battle system... Limit Breaks are awful!!! You have to look out for a tiny little easy to miss grey triangle that if you do miss doesn't come back right away! Pointless!!!

Draw system... What a terrible idea? So if I don't have a stock of the magic I can't use it? It's MAGIC! Not ITEMS for crying out loud!!!

The Guardian Forces (GFs) I really like these, but what is this compatibility feature? So I use an item to increase how they like me and it makes them attack quicker? That's interesting... Wait, I increase one and the others get jealous and don't like me as much!?

Junctioning... Ok so I junction my magic to my stats to increase them? But, I have to have a stock of magic first anyway and then if I lose the stock of magic through consumption it effects my stats?

Ok so there are more things in this game that I dislike, it's not good! I completed the game but only to say I have... I won't be starting this again anytime too!


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Re: Game Reviews!

Post by lalaland on Sun Mar 15, 2009 3:26 pm

it was pritty good game i liked the story about Squall and Selfir
i didnt like the battle system the triger move hard to grasp at first
id give it a 8/10
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Re: Game Reviews!

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