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Richard Pius Excessum a.k.a ''Black Shadow'' - Demon Hunter version!

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Richard Pius Excessum a.k.a ''Black Shadow'' - Demon Hunter version!

Post by Juss on Sat Mar 28, 2009 7:44 am

Name: Richard Pius Excessum a.k.a ''Black Shadow''

Race: Human ( Ally of Heaven - One of the few humans who knows about the existence of heaven and god itself. He has been working for them for long time now!)

Age: 34 ( Mentally 120)

Appearance: He has dark black hair around medium length. His eyes are dark blue and his skin is white. His nose is quite medium and is a bit up pointed. He has a huge scar going diagonally over his face and there are also marks of flame on his face. He is quite medium height and weight tho he is very muscular. There are dozens of different battle marks and scars on his body that might give an overview of the amount of battles he has took part of. His overall looking is quite dark and scary.

Personality: He is a lone wolf who likes to do everything by himself. He gives all out of him, always. But besides that, he is cold and calm. He never loses patience but still does care a lot about humans. He only has few friends and for them he does everything he can, sometimes even more.

Armor: He wears a beautifully carved black armor which is made from the finest and strongest materials that earth has to offer. It covers every single part of his body and is extremely strong. It is known to be enchanted with different materials and it even has a lot of technology in it. When it is somehow broken, it will start shining so brightly that it would kill most of the weaker demons and underworld members and might even blind a high class demon. It also contains a black helmet which has only a little opening for eyes. But that opening is covered with bullet proof glass for most of the time and information is displayed on it while wearing the helmet. The armor has many spots for his weapons. ( There is a sword place on back which can be covered with some kind of huger weapon. Magnums are beautifully put on the armor and there is a locket for different kind of grenades etc).

Weapons: A sharp, shiny and powerful blade. It has been crafted originally in 10th century by the finest blacksmiths but in time, it has been made more modern. Nowadays, it contains different sensors and is covered with silver which has been blessed. Also, when it pierces to a body it will automatically send out a doze of holy water. He also has around dozen UV flash lights, bottles of holy water and two finely crafted magnums. One of the magnums is always loaded with silver bullets, other with ammo that has been blessed with Holy water. Besides that he has one really modern automatic gun that he wears on his back. It can use UV bullets which contain blessed water. The gun can also shoot out huge explosive ammo.

Physical abilities: He has very good reflexes, probably the finest of all humans. He has trained for whole his life and that why he knows how to react to different kind of attacks. He is also really powerful and muscular and so is able to take some hits of Demons before passing out.( The armor plays a huge role here as well). He is also a master aimer.

History: Born to a legendary family of nobles. His family has always been a powerful and well known one but they have had a dark secret. They have been demon/vampire/werewolf hunters for more than 1000 years. First known hunters from his family were from 6th century, famous because of their dark black armors and covered face. One with finest sword and strongest armor has been the leader of them. No-one has ever saw his face or killed him and that is why most of the demons think that he is a demon as well, trying to conquer the world. In reality, the master of the order just wears the armor of his grandparent. The truth about their morals is that they just want to defend humans from the evil. From 15th century, they have been following the orders of Heaven and because of that have longer lives than normal humans. Richard was the first son of his parents and that's why he was chosen as the new grandmaster of their order, soon after his grandfather died. He was trained by his parents til the age of 20 when he first went out to hunt. Already then he was successful, almost as great as his parents. He took down a experienced demon who was quite powerful. Soon he got too famous and that why made a mistake, revealed only a little secret to a underworld spy. Demons hunted down his parents and killed both. After that, Richard gave away his spot as the order grandmaster to his brother and started hunting together with his friend, a genius in terms of technology. He has been the most annoying enemy of demons for more than 10 years and has ruined many of their plans on earth. Somehow he is still alive even when he has got so many hits by demons, vampires and even werewolves.
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Re: Richard Pius Excessum a.k.a ''Black Shadow'' - Demon Hunter version!

Post by Guest on Sat Mar 28, 2009 8:01 am

why does your charcter look sooo much cooler than mine! *Sob*


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