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Thorog Ark-Shogun

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Thorog Ark-Shogun

Post by Juss on Sat Mar 28, 2009 7:02 am

Name: Thorog Ark-Shogun

Age: Not known but is certainly over 5000 years.

Gender: Male

Alignment : Neutral

Race: Half-Giant/Half-demon

Class: Warrior/ Necromancer

Personality: He is a lone wolf who doesn't care about a single thing besides money or his own good. He is always dealing with his own business and has cold-heart. He is a bit sadistic and has huge bloodlust.

Description: He is twice as huge as normal humans and he has hidden wings on his back which he can release if he needs to. The wings are demonic, made from dark black feathers and have bones in the upper part. His face is quite dark, covered with red-toned skin. His body is very muscular and he has many huge scars on his body. His gaze is filled with evilness or emptiness, depending on the situation.

Weapons: A huge rusty double-edged two handed sword with ancient carvings on it. The sword itself is capable to think and may help the owner if necessary. Also, the sword is able to turn in to a beast made from pure flames and fight against enemies.

History: Once there lived a legendary giant who worked for heaven and earth. Soon he became close friends with the god itself and was favored by all the angels. Also, he was the hero of upper world for destroying underworld armies with his bare two hands. He helped everyone and everything and he never failed. But one day, he was captured by enemies. Those were the elite of underworld. They tried to broke him but he didn't let them do it. So they called one of the mightiest necromancers of all times to help them against the Giant. Nothing helped until the necromancer thought to fuse him with Hell itself so that he would work for them. The necromancer fused the giant together with a demon who was feared even by the necromancer itself. The Half-Demon/Half-giant who was created was smaller than he had been, but still huger than normal humans. At first, the creator lost his memories and worked for underworld, but after 20 years of spreading fear against Heaven and almost destroying whole civilization on Earth, he started getting his memories back. This brought him to madness and soon he was killing both sides. Many years after that both sides thought that he was lost or dead. The truth was he went to hide for millenniums.
When he came back to world once again, everything had changed. There was no-one he wanted to revenge left alive and there was none of his friends or supporters left. Because of that he started working for a neutral faction, called Moon Break. Tho, in the time he was hiding, he lost most of his powers and now is more than ten times weaker than he once was, not even capable to cast most demon-magic and not able to smash armies with his bare hands.

Raise of The Death - It's the only magic left that reflects his former powers. He calls hundreds of zombie rats, dozens of zombies and skeletons and one gigantic Demon with a flaming sword. The demon is probably even stronger than he is atm.

Call of flames - He is able to manipulate already existing flames and those with great success. He may turn them around himself and may even form monsters from the flames. But only from ones that already exist.

Brutal Rage - It's only physical power that reflects his former glory. He loses his clear mind and falls in to berserk. His strength grows more than 5 times and his speed goes up a lot. Also in that rage, he doesn't choose his opponents, he just kills. And he does it well.

Demon Step - Demon step is the teleporting ability of demons. One that surpasses Angels moving method. The trick is, that it takes no time to move from one spot to other and it leaves no trace behind. The range of this power depends on the rank of the user in underworld. And as Thorog was the highest ranked demon for 20 years, he knows everything about this movement method, theoretically. In reality, he is able to only move around 50 meters with it because of his long rest.

Extra abilities: He knows some demon-magic spells and is able to use few weak necromancers abilities. He is a good sword-fighter and his strength is around 4-5 times as big as normal humans making him an powerful enemy or ally. Tho, he is nothing around what he used to be.

That's everything I think Very Happy
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